What Do You Want to See in Your Hubitat Hub?

There is a permanency element to this I am not comfortable with,,,,

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Never going to take the chance - way too much risk my wife would prefer the swap (any swap) to me. :wink:

  • Improved web UI, more modern.
  • Better organization of apps.
  • Native MQTT support without using community drivers.
  • More powerful hardware.
  • Completely redo the mobile app/interface from the ground up.
  • Support for Lutron LEAP (i.e. RA3 or using non-pro Caseta hubs).
  • High availability/failover with multiple hubs.

An improved dashboard would be cool, but I don't use the current one as is. Really I'm just holding out hope that Apple releases a sleek smart display focused on HomeKit for this purpose.


Lutron’s LEAP protocol isn’t publicly released like the older Telner-based integration protocol is.

Lutron would have to agree to give Hubitat access to the LEAP protocol documentation. From what we’ve heard, Hubitat staff have asked, and Lutron has not said yes.

Ideally all Home Automations better to be even hub-less ( and forget about all these cloud
dependency all together).

Wrote this before the C8 came out, and probably should revisit to see if it still works, but....


Hubitat has been improving the heck out of RM and other technical issues, and at this point, I think it is already more capable than the majority of Users need, want, or understand.
My reading of the above posts says many Users want an improved UI and Dashboard. I would like to see the next couple of releases focus on those areas.


I've always found rule machine confusing honestly. I haven't even checked in on it in months so maybe I'll give it a look but 'Simple Automation Rules' has been able to do anything I've wanted pretty easily.

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I mean it works in Home Assistant and Homebridge so someone has reverse engineered enough to make it workable it seems.

If it hasn't been mentioned before, native drag-and-drop on the dashboards like this. I am using this on all of my dashboards except for one which doesn't seem to work. And I have recreated that dashboard a couple of times. Other than that, I like it a lot and would like to see it built in instead of having to perform a workaround.


This is rarely a good investment of engineering time for a real business, where man-hours cost money. As opposed to open source projects where labor is essentially free. Breaking changes in an undocumented protocol will require another round of reverse-engineering (and its associated costs), and then dissemination of the new code to all existing Hubitat installations. All of which adds layers of complications.

I expect Lutron to publish a LEAP white-paper sooner or later, much as they did with their telnet protocol. Perhaps they’re waiting for it to finalized/stable before doing so.


This would be great so I could move my Picos to one of the spare non-Pro Caseta hubs I have to get around the delay of going Pico -> Hubitat -> Caseta dimmer within a single Caseta/RA2 hub.

Or I could likewise add an RA3 hub so I can use Lutron RF modules instead of having to get new switches wired, or Sunnata keypads while keeping the Caseta Diva wall dimmers I already have.

Using Amazon Alexa or Google Personal Assistant, the ability to obtain the status of devices.

Like - Alexa, what is the sensor status?

Some status questions already work - "Alexa, is the front/back door locked?" is one I've used many times.


@aaiyar Well, I stand corrected. It doesn't give me the status of my garage door sensors attached to a Zooz Zen17 multi-relay, but it will let me know if many of my devices are on or off. Thanks!

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  1. Built-in email service and sms service for a subscription fee.
    1a. Custom reporting system for notifications and status of your system.
  2. Better Dashboard Setup and or Dashboard builder.
  3. Better Chromecast support and Google Home support.
  4. SNMP 2c client with Trap receiving as an event.
  5. Quicker motion detection on web event > turn on light action. via REST (Shellys) This is all IP based not Zwave. Takes too long after a motion detect to send the on command. Shelly Motion 2 and Shelly Plus devices.

You could do it with a virtual switch using a similar name. So when the sensor on the garage door is open, you could have a virtual contact tripped to alexa just named garage and ask if it's open or closed...


I don't want to downlplay discussion on a topic I started... but... :slight_smile:

I'm torn on this one... I am working on a Tasker integration to make some notification options more accessible, so can understand the lure of a feature like this... but personally I don't want to see resources, in particular HE developer time taken up with features that can either be provided elsewhere in cloud-hosted services and/or services that could be provided by complimentary hubs like a rpi.

I've seen something similar posted recently... So I am not sure if this is a HE hub thing... or something else... May be worth investigating more before putting it on a longer list of changes the dev's consider for the HE hub.


As to a remote control I now have 3 of the Fibaro 6 button KeyFobs. They are currently $39.99 on Amazon:


Since they can do a single click, double click and hold you can get up to 18 actions from each one.

I've been very happy with them.

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I'm talking AV remote control. There's really nothing great in the market to replace the Harmony. Even the new Control4 remotes suffer from mediocre design.