What do I do with a driver?

I am a Wink survivor. I got my Hubitat today and saw it does not have device support for my Aeotec Heavy Duty smart switches I use to control my pool mechanicals. I found a driver and I installed it. It appears in my driver list. How to I use the driver to connect my Aeotec HD switches?

I think those are supported by the "Aeotec Smart Switch" driver. In any event, when you add your device, it should pick the correct driver (either the Aeotec Smart Switch driver, or the community-provided driver you've installed).

If it pairs with neither, it will appear as "Device". Should this happen, change to the driver of your choice, and hit the Configure button on the device page.


Thank you. I guess I was expecting that the driver would somehow load and show up in the devices list. So you are saying just get it paired in some way, and then employ the driver in the configuration option for the device. Excellent. Wish me luck.

Get it paired as a Z-Wave device. Use the button highlighted below:



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Just to add a little context to the excellent advice you've already recived.

When you include a Z-Wave device or pair a Zigbee device, you establish the communication between the device and the radio. The driver that lives on the hub is the the translator of the messages that are exchanged between the radio and the device. You need to establish the line of communication between the device and the radio, first, then use a driver that best translates the messages.

Most devices work with a generic driver for the specific type of device (switch, motion sensor, garage door, etc). Some devices have multiple capabilities (for example a lock that is also a contact sensor). Those devices require a special driver that translates multiple capabilities.

Some of these specialized drivers are already built-in, others may require a custom driver that you may be able to find in the community, which would enable additional features that a "generic" driver may not cover.


Very Helpful. Thank you so much!


Check this post


Thank you very much. I did indeed have a ghost device that I got rid of. Hope that helps some.

I am working on getting my old fibaro zw5 multi sensors to work properly. Motion detects fine but temperature and lum do not. I get a temp and a lum for them when I pair them, but they are unresponsive. The problem seems to be that the device is not waking up regularly. One currently has 13 pending changes. And I see both have wake-up intervals of 43200, which can't be good.

I tried the z-wave poller, but none of my devices are available for either the switches or dimmers options


I had two of these. These sensors are problematic. I ended up replacing mine a few years ago with z-wave+ versions, which have been working really well to report motion, lux, and temperature.


Maybe I should just break down and get some new ones.

I moved to Hubitat from Wink in March of 2019. Besides the Fibaro sensors, I made several key changes over 6-8 months:

  1. Got rid of my Quirky contact sensors and GE/Quirky zigbee outlets.
  2. Replaced nine GE/Jasco z-wave switches/dimmers with z-wave+ equivalents from Zooz.
  3. Replaced GoControl z-wave motion sensors with zigbee motion sensors that are much more responsive.

My z-wave network is very responsive and currently has 60 devices, exactly half of which are z-wave+. Everything works well. I even have a 100-series z-wave outlet that turns on/off without any issues.

There are plenty of inexpensive Hubitat-compatible zigbee sensors available now - from Third Reality, Linkind, Sonoff, and other manufacturers.

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Thanks for those tips. I bailed on Wink after their most recent, and I suspect final, service interruption. I miss the simple user interface and the ability to nest rules or conditional states in other rules (actions inside robots inside shortcuts). But every device I have yields way more functionality and information as a hubitat device that they did on Wink.

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Once you get used to Hubitat’s built-in apps, you’ll find their power and versatility to be amazing.

Hubitat also integrates with external automation engines. I use something called Node-RED that permits automations to be created graphically. For example, here's a simple automation that turns on a light when closet door is opened, and turns it off when the door is closed.

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Thanks to all, for all the detailed and useful info and advice. At this point I solved my biggest problem with the migration from Wink: pairing and getting consistent performance from my Aeotec HD switches controlling the pool filter and vacuum. I simply purchased and Eaton z-wave outlet and stuck in a room near where the pool mechanicals are. Almost instantaneously it brought the response of those devices to being very reliable and quick to respond. I really need that reliability to keep the pool from going to hell when I travel. So, I have restored all functionality and can move on to other things. Thanks so much, all.


You should take a gander at this just for future reference


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