What Community App or Driver Have You Found Recently?

A slightly less formal version of a request made recently... A chance to share your positive experiences in finding both new and old offerings from developers here on the Community.

For my contribution, I have been enjoying the fruits of @armand and @bertabcd1234 's efforts to leverage the new push notifications from the Hue bridge in their Advanced Hue and CocoHue apps.

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Custom Device Notes, that I am hoping will help remind me of the purpose of my devices (RM, Webcore, apps, etc.), or remind me of settings, or battery change types/timing.


I'm 100% zigbee, so Tuya is beginning to fill in some of the spots on my network. @kkossev 's Tuya Zigbee Valve driver gives us a replacement for the much sought-after Orbit hose valve. And I'm going to experiment with his Tuya vibration sensor sometime soon.

And then there's @sburke781 's smooth EcoWitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway combined with @bptworld 's work-in-progress [Beta] Quick Chart .


I'm a bit behind on this - what would you use them for?

+1 for @kkossevs work too!

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As far as I know HE built-in integration still needs to periodically poll for light status' and I think does not support scenes (could be wrong about the scenes), nor support for accessories such as motion sensors and dimmers connected to the Hue bridge. My memory was that the Community apps offered scenes plus some other nice features, but previously were not able to support accessories.

More recently Philips have developed a new API offering the ability for the third party app to receive notifications from the Hue bridge when things change, including both lights and accessories like motion sensors and presses on Hue dimmers and other switches connected to the Hue bridge.

@armand and @bertabcd1234 have done the work to make use of these advances in the Hue API, with more work still being done. This offers similar features to those currently available in the Home Assistant plugin, which I think was one of the first major platforms to support this.

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For me it's been @augoisms Weatherflow Lite driver.


I have one of the Moe's ZSS-Z-VBR vibration sensors based on Tuya technology. It works well with the Tuya Zigbee Vibration Sensor driver. The sensor is inside my wife's jewelry box and will send an alert if the box lid is raised, one of the drawers is opened or even if someone bumps against the chest on which the jewelry box is resting.

I got mine from Amazon, but it is not currently listed.

BTW: the Moe's Tuya based temperature/humidity sensor and water leak sensors also work with Hubitat.


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