What comes first - Connect device to Google or Hubitat

Hi, im in Australia (hope that helps make sense to the below devices) and very new to this platform. I apologise in advance if this has already been answered. I have been using Google Nest for my smart home automation. I have the following devices

  • Chromecast devices - ie Smart TV's (Sony & Samsung), Nvidia Shield
  • Hue - bulbs, switches, sensors and Sync box
  • Sonos - Surround Sound speakers (Arc, Sub, Two rear One's) and Connect:amp connected to two ceiling speakers
  • Yale Unity Entrance Lock with yale access wifi bridge
  • Arlo wire-free video doorbell
  • Lytworx Smart outdoor lights - Uses Magic Home App
  • various Tuya devices - Mirabella Genio (Lights) Connect Smart (diffuser) Smart Life (powerboard, Lights) Brilliant Lights
  • Kasa - smart plugs
  • Sony Smart speaker
  • I have a Unifi network plus the unifi cameras (unifi protect)

Google Nest hub x 1 and google mini's x 2

So its a real mix. I have them all setup to use google to control them plus the hue lights along with the hue switches and sensor.

So what is the best way to switch to Hubitat, i want to setup a dedicated android tablet as a dashboard. so do i

1 - Delete them all from Google and setup with Hubitat and then run the google app within Hubitat (not adding them back using google app direct)
2 - Delete from Google setup with Hubitat and then set them back up with Google as i did previously (using google app)
3 - Keep in Google and add to hubitat using the google nest app in hubitat
4 - keep in google and add them with their individual hubitat apps (if they have them ie hue)

also side question if they dont have a app with hubitat will adding them to google nest and adding google app to hubitat add them to hubitat

so i want to control them with a tablet dashboard, various smart buttons and also Google voice.

Hopefully that all makes sense. Thank you

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the HE community.

Hopefully I can help with at least a few of your questions....

The short answer to your main question about devices paired with Google vs Hubitat is, it depends.... :slight_smile:

The main ones I can talk to about are Hue, Chromecast and Kasa, but I'll come to those in a moment, first the HE Google integration built-in app.

This get's a little complicated, so bear with me.... HE's Google integration (app) allows you to integrate HE paired devices with your Google setup, but not the other way around, at least through this app... So if you have Hue lights or a smart plug paired with your Google hub, the HE Google app is not what can make these available within HE. What it does allow you to do is control devices paired with your HE hub through Google. For example, if you paired a light with HE and added it to the HE Google app setup, you could control a light through Google, even if they are not supported by Google. You can also get fancy with virtual switches to initiate complex automations in HE from Google.

In terms of Hue, the common suggestion, for various reasons, is to leave your lights paired with your Hue bridge (assuming you have one), making them available in HE through the built-in Hue integration app. The lights are then available in other HE rules and apps, including dashboards. You may want to pair your accessories with the HE hub, as the Hue integration does not include these. This will allow you to continue to access your lights through the Hue app, with a few caveats that I can explain later if needed.

I have Kasa HS110's and more recently the mini equivalent. These is a Community developed app and drivers for various Kasa devices which you can use to access devices either locally or via the Kasa cloud. You can still access the Kasa devices in the Kasa app even if they are not linked to the Kasa cloud.

The chromecast integration is relatively basic, but does allow for basic control of the device and basic status information, but you can't initiate a cast from what I know. You do not need to change anything with how your chromecast devices are setup currently. You may need to use a helper app from the Community to maintain comm's with them. I don't use this heavily atm within HE but do have a couple of dashboard outputs and plan to add controls.

I'll read back over your original post and see if there's anything else I can help with.


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Forgot to mention, this is the Kasa app:

In answer to your question about options 1-4...

For Hue, again if you have a bridge, I would keep the lights on the bridge and so they can remain paired with Google as they are now, so option 4.

For Kasa, if you go down the local route like me, that would be option 1, removing them from the Kasa cloud and setting up in the HE app above, then making them available to Google using the HE built-in Google app.

Chromecast would be 4, no change to existing setup outside of HE, simply add them to the Chromecast HE built-in app.

Hope this all makes sense...



HI Simon
Thanks for your response. That gives me somewhere to start so thank you very much :slight_smile: These are issues i didnt think of when collecting all my smart home devices. If i had known i was going down this road i would have thought through my device purchases a little better :slight_smile:

Thanks again


You can use your nest hub to display a dashboard using [RELEASE] CATT Director (App and Driver). It does require a raspberry pi in the middle running CATT. And the damn thing still times out after 10 minutes despite my final post in that thread although this is easily overcome (albeit a bit inelegantly).

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Gidday @mishee72, how did you get on?

I was just about to buy a Yale Unity Entrance Lock with Connect Bridge, did you get it connect to Hubitat ok?

It's not listed on the compatible devices but the Yale Assure is.



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