What can i do with a Schlage Lock on Hubitat

I have a couple locks in SmartThings. I’m stating to move over my devices to Hubitat. So far I’ve moved over a motion Sensor and a few lights. I do quite a few automations related to my door locks on SmartThings so I’m hesitant to move over until I know what my capabilities are.

Like can I change codes?
Can I add/remove coded on a schedule? Maybe with RM or WebCoRE? Or just with the defaults?
Can I change device settings like one touch lock, alarm sensitivity, etc. ?

Im in the same boat with a Yale YRD256 ZWave deadbolt. That is one of only a few things I still have in ST. Sucks because it is tied to my front door zwave contact sensor, so I can't move the front door sensor over until I can move the deadbolt over.

Do you know what you can or cannot do with wave locks?

Don’t quote me because I do not have a supported lock. Mine is a Yale and not listed in the supported device Wiki HERE. Schlage and Kwikset however are listed. My understanding from others is that they can be used, but do not support remotely modifying the codes. Big deal for many because it is sometimes necessary to give temp codes to house cleaners, visitors or renters.

I asked a similar question on a different thread a couple weeks ago and got no reply. So far I have only been able to get basic functions on my Schlage BE469. I have not bee able to change codes, check codes, or do anything but lock and unlock the lock.

Yup. If we could get RBoy to port his apps and DH we would be golden.

I have a subscription to RBoy, and I use his DH and apps on smartthings.
It would be great if they worked on HE

We don’t have a lock code manager app yet. However, it is on our list to add…


Any news on this feature? Would be great to get my lock switched over.


Any update on the lock code manager? At a stand still as so much of my ST automation happens based on which code is used to unlock.

It's coming soon. A high priority for us, but not in next upcoming release -- probably one after that.


Any update on this?

Thank you!

Not at the moment. Mike had some other things to deal with, this is still high priority, just not finished.


I would actually consider getting this device, if I could use it to change the codes on a Schlage lock over the internet, as well as through a local network without internet access. If support for this can be added, I would very much like to get this device.

I can probably do this with OpenHab, but it is not very user friendly for the intended use.

You can add/change/delete lock codes on our lock drivers right now via the lock driver interface.

Is the lock driver interface accessible through the local network without internet access, as well as through the internet?

Local without internet yes, wan with a VPN yes.
Lock control (no code changes), via wan and cloud api yes....