What are your latest iot acquisitions

I've been on a buying binge lately (at least until my truck decided to have a coronary and need a heart transplant) I've bought some stuff lately that I didn't think would be good but have actually turned out to be fantastic...

1: Weather Flow Tempest PWS.... This thing is great. Soooooooo many attributes with sooooooo much information and direct integration into Rachio, Weatherunderground (mainly for historical storage) etc...

2: xhs2-ue zigbee door/window sensors... Picked up 36 of these for basically $4.50 cents each... Fast! Easy to pair! Low Profile! Thank you again @erktrek for turning me on to these!!!

2: Ring G2 Outdoor Z-wave contact sensors. Since we built a new fence with 3 gates, I wanted to know when the kids opened the gates and if they didn't close them (or someone else opened the gate) The only downside I've found is that if you pair without security, they're really super slow to respond. Paired with s2 they're fine. Not sure why. Maybe @bcopeland has some insight into it...

4: Iotawatt: Soooo much power monitoring.... I just need to figure out how to export the graphs so I can bring them into a dashboard. Triggering rules has been rock solid. Thanx again @ogiewon for writing the integration!

Well that's it... What about you guys?

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What is your initial assessment of how durable the Weather Flow System will be?

My old Honeywell/Meade system has finally given up the ghost. The biggest problem with it was the battery compartments didn't seal well causing lots of corrosion inside. Also, the basic problem of sensors needing batteries (where I have to climb on the roof to get to them).

I've been looking at possible replacement systems . . . looking for input/opinions . . .

It's been great and everything I've seen physically as well as read online at the forums and FB show that these things have been in service for several years in harsh weather conditions both hot and cold extremes without probs. When there have been, it seems that WF has been very Hubitat like and doesn't play around and just gets a new one out to the customer. Click the temp to see history or the cloud in upper right hand corner to switch to main.. (Though I'm not a fan of the new color scheme)

[Qingping AQ monitor](Limited-time deal: Qingping Air Quality Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Meter Detects PM2.5, Temperature, CO2, and Humidity, Smart Air Quality Sensor for Bedroom, A Rechargeable Device with 2 Colors, Smart Home https://a.co/d/3ESHdmV) (Xiaomi Cleargrass sensor) which is on sale right now for less than I paid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Simple to use interface and a nice reference for each level the user can easily refer too right from its touch screen. Easy to glance at its screen and see color indicators when levels are above normal ranges. Accuracte in comparison to an Airthings sensor according to another user :man_shrugging:t3:

Doesn’t directly interface with HE, but it was very easy to integrate with Home Assistant. Using very simple automations on HA, I can trigger virtual switches on HE using @jason0x43 ’s HE to HA integration when levels are outside of a healthy range.

Thanks. I was just looking at their information on their web site. It looks good.

I have the Frient, but waiting for Mike Maxwell to finish writing drivers. (Frient sent him their entire line) So I don't know how good it is yet...

I got the $5.00 bird sticker option...:slight_smile:



For me:

  1. Tempest WeatherFlow (LOVE it!)
  2. New Ring Floodlight Pro (Amazon Sale)
  3. Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Door Sensor 7
  4. Aubess Tuya Zigbee Door Sensors (Use AAA batteries)
  5. Eero Pro 6e for Mesh Wifi - Google Home is not able to handle my Wifi anymore, too many IoT devices…
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You gonna do the homeseer pir sensor mod on it?

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Nah. I find that the Unofficial integration does what I need. Also, the pro is a dimmer, which is kind of nice. I don’t think the dimming would work with the PIR sensor mod…

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Prime day got me. Got a full lineup of Kasa stuff to try out. Also picked up an Iris V1 keypad for only good knows why. Splurged on the 50 percent off Switchbot sale and got 6 curtain bots with solar panels. Plus my steamdeck finally arrived after waiting over a year.

I have no energy or time to deal with any of it.

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Does WeatherFlow have any promising APIs or other way to integrate to HE?

Yes... Weatherflow lite integration in HPM...

Current attributes


Device page


My mind is racing about what a “strike” could be…..lightning, asteroid, spouse.

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All of the above? It's lightning strikes and distance... pretty accurate.