What are your go-to devices?

Just about all the in-wall and plug-in modules in our house are GE/Jasko Z-Wave devices. That's because our home automation started out as an ADT Pulse configuration and those were the only officially compatible devices.

Now that I've moved everything off ADT and onto Hubitat, it opens my choices.

I have several plug-in lamp modules that have stopped working. What's your go-to Z-Wave device for dimming table lamps?

Go to.. That’s a tough one for me... My home is a wide mixture of smart home brands that I have acquired over the years... What’s great is, I haven’t found anything yet that I couldn’t get to work on HE..





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Lutron every time for switches (fast as hell)

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Not Z-wave, but I replaced all of my smart plugs for controlling lamps with Sengled smart bulbs:


Why not z-wave?... My personal experience lately is my z-wave devices are more reliable.. Especially since I just exiled all my old pre-plus z-wave devices..


The OP was specifically asking about Z-wave devices and I was just clarifying (or so I thought) that what I used (and was linking to) was not Z-wave. I mix and match Zigbee or Z-wave based on what sensor I need. I do prefer Zigee for lights and motion sensors as they a quicker than any of the Z-wave devices I've bought and most of my lights are motion based.


Ahh.. I misunderstood what you were saying then.. I thought you were advising to stay away from z-wave

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My preference for Z-Wave Plus outlets by brand (see "Device Type" column):

  1. Aeotec
  2. Fibaro
  3. Leviton
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My "just work" devices have definitely been the Aeotec/Aeon stuff. Recessed door sensors and some older relays - been working for about 5 years now. Their motion sensors have been a bit slow but can be usb powered which is nice (prefer Zigbee ones anyway).

I do like the SmartThings devices too they seem well built - the old motion sensors just work and are fast. The single buttons are cheap and have been very reliable. I hacked the presence sensors per an old post on the ST forums and added bigger batteries for longer life.

Sengled bulbs have been decent - they don't mess with my Zigbee network like some other bulbs did.

I have to say our Zooz switches on our second floor (16+ switches) have been running great and by great I mean no issues - we have the "toggle" version. I have a really funky set of 4-way switch rules in which 3 switches are power only and everything works as expected.

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Everything I own that is Aeotec is rock solid too.. My only problem with them is they are very proud of their devices price wise

I have 4 aeotec multi-sensor 6s and 1 siren 6



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  • Lutron
  • Sengled smart bulbs (cheap and work great, don't mess with your mess)
  • Dome / Smart Things sensors (doors, sirens, water detectors)
  • I'm very happy with my Schlange locks