What are the status of these? Smartlife and Google

I very close to buying and starting to move thing over but searching around i'm very confused on the status of some of these

Smartlife: is there a 2 way integration right now? it is not a deal break but i counted about 12 things i have this and the wife just bought 4 more :frowning:

Google: is there 2 way that is possible? (would also solve the smartlife issues since they are in google too) i found these to be fast for the cloud (google control the smartlife stuff) i only want them in the HE for the "automation"

I know these would be cloud but they are not in critical areas

If you're asking will stuff connected to Google appear in the HE hub? No Google doesn't work like that, stuff that is in HE can be joined to Google though. That is 2 way, like lamps, thermostats. Using the community version you can also expose doors and windows but obviously that is one way.

There is some work arounds if Google allows it by creating virtual switches and making the device flip them through Google.


For commands to Google Assistant/Home, I use Assistant Relay on a Pi, it is somewhat complex to put in place with a bunch of moving parts but once everything is done it works quite well, you can send any command to google assistant as if you were talking to one of the speakers...

Re: smart life / TuYa

I reflashed mine with Tasmota (I have 16 Teckin SP10s) and there is a community driver to talk to them directly and they are disconnected from the cloud.

BUT I have read that the latest FW prevents the OTA hack to get tasmota on the devices and you need to physically connect to the devices to reprogram.

Is this the same process to allow announcement on the Google speaker? So would do 2 thing for me that and the control

You can use it for that yes, but if you only need announcements there is a built in Chromecast app that is a lot simpler to implement and will do that as well...