What are the best Z-Wave alarm siren that's no an Aeotec?

Basically what the title says. Price isn't super important and I can also live with or without battery power (meaning, it's not a huge benefit to have wireless over plug-in). So far my research has revealed shockingly little...

And you'd rather avoid WiFi solutions like this?

Ecolinks new unit is awesome!


Yes. Z-wave only, if possible.

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I'll have to check those out.

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Zooz has their multisiren though i haven't used it.

Have you considered the Dome Siren? It is a z-wave+ device that is on the List of Compatible Devices. And is pretty inexpensive (~$25). Batteries are supposed to last ~2 years.



One thing I like about my Echolink is the ability to add your own sounds and have Habitat play them.


I've got a pair of Dome Z-wave sirens, and they have been excellent and are directly supported by HE.



I have this one and it's been reliable. Amazon.co.uk

NB it's not the brand it claims to be but a copy - however it's been fine for me, permanently powered, and using Dome Siren driver

Just a thought- you could get an Iris V1 keypad- they are stupid cheap on ebay and have quite a few built in sounds. I have a dome siren- it's really loud if that's what your going for. My only complaints about the Dome are I frequently got double notifications on it. I was using it as a door chime as well as a siren. I was never able to track down the issue on it. The dome also flashes light. I actually just got my dome out and took it apart. It has a cable you can disconnect to unplug the speaker and only use it as a visible notification which I'm going to try and utilize. I couldn't get it to only flash with the built in driver.

The Ecolink chime/siren has its own set of built-in chimes and alarm tones. However, it has a Micro SD card slot. You can load your own custom sounds onto the card either as additional sounds or as replacements for the original tones. For example, when someone opens my front door, the contact sensor triggers and the chime announces "The front door has been opened".

They are currently out of stock on Amazon, I guess they have been popular. These are Z-wave 700 series devices. They have battery backup so they will continue to work for a while after mains power goes out.


That’s a Zigbee unit tho iirc.

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@rwclements228 Those ecolink ones look really sweet. I seriously may need to get a few. I have an echo that will announce which door has been opened, but this would be able to do the same thing without need for a cloud dependency (obv I'd have to create a custom phrase for each door but i like the idea).

Can you clarify why you don’t want to consider aeotec devices?

I have the older Ecolink, and it sounds like a toy. I tried to find stock of the 700series model, but no luck, even at Amazon.
The Aeotec Siren 6 is solid, I have one. Excellent signal and loud. Although it appears @Marvinyx is not fond of Aeotec for unknown reasons

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Does the Dome Z-wave sirens allow you to add your own sounds?

The Aeotec Gen 5 doorbell had internal memory and a USB interface that allowed you to use custom sounds. The Gen 6 siren lost the capability to use your own sounds; you were limited to the built-in alert tones.

I use both the Aeotec Gen 5 doorbell and the Ecolink 700 series chime/siren. Although I have been happy with the older Aeotec device, the Ecolink responds more quickly to triggers. I trigger both devices in my rules, but the Ecolink beats the Aeotec every time. So even if the Aeotec Gen 5 were still available, I prefer the Ecolink.

As far as using Echo Speaks, the Heroku platform started sending me alerts near the end of every month stating that I have used my allocation of free time and quits working for the remainder of the month. It wants me to upgrade to a paid account. At the end of November, Heroku will no longer offer free accounts, with a possible exception for students. The annual cost of a Heroku subscription will be greater than the cost of purchasing an Ecolink siren (if you can find one in stock).

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Another option could be the Ring G2 Keypad. It can act as a siren as well.

As someone else asked why exclude the Aeotec Siren. Is there a particular thing we are trying to solve.

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I'm not sure TBH, I know it has 10 built in options, but I just went for the "Burglar alarm" sound.

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