What are some Zigbee or Zwave motion sensors that also report lux (lighting)?


So, my first motion detection device was from Switchbot and it reports the illuminance of a room and I can build automations based on that. However, I've been trying to convert to more Zigbee devices (don't have any Zwave devices, but not against them), and I'm surprised that a lot of them don't have them unless they're $40-$50. I have a Third Reality Zigbee Motion Sensor that works perfectly for the stairwell, whereas before I was using YoLink (which is great for far distances).

I've searched around and people mention the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, but that seems hard to get on Amazon. The Aeotec TriSensor is nice; however, it's $60, but it's range doesn't seem on par with Third Reality's motion sensor...

I mean Third Reality's motion sensor so much as it's the only one I've tried thus far that catches movement from the top and bottom of the stairwell before someone approaches the stairwell. The family loves it. Right now I have it on an automation to only turn on the lights based on time of day (between 5pm and 7am). However, I have to manually turn it on when there's a thunderstorm or as time of daylight changes.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Philips Hue include Lux, have good battery life, short cool-down and just work.... Yes they're expensive... but you get what you pay for... IMHO.... Hue also provide a lot of options in terms of integrations across platforms.

As usual I didn't read the OP closely enough.... :slight_smile: I'd still recommend Hue...

One point I would make in addition to the device.... The use of Lux from an internal sensor was discussed at length some time ago.... And I'm unlikely to find it now... But my memory of some of the outcomes from the discussion include:

  • Lux readings from indoor sensors can be impacted by the timeliness of reporting and, importantly, impacts from lights turning on/off in the room
  • Readings from outdoor sensors are more relevant to provide an indication of the overall brightness of the day, providing a better base for lighting automations than indoor conditions

What country are you in? Both the indoor and outdoor sensors seem to be readily available when I search (in the US).

LOL, I'm in the US... I should have mentioned "readily" available as in something that I can go get and have it as a project this weekend. Most stores seem sold out nearby and Amazon & Best Buy have a delivery date of the 29th. I'll take you and @sburke781 word for it (along with the community) and try out the Hue sensor.

I'm still kinda upset at myself for not realizing I could be using Hue stuff for a while if I had gotten a hubitat earlier. I didn't want to buy a product that required it's own hub. Oh, how naive I was just a month or two ago... LOL



Not entirely naive, perhaps in the case of Hue, given it's ubiquity, but in the case of other devices... not so much. I have a single battery powered roller blind (shade) that I could have spend an additional $400 AUD on a hub in order to potentially integrate with HE. I obviously baulked at that expense, and, while I didn't expect it, Bond eventually integrated it into their lineup, which I used, as I already had a Bond bridge for my Somfy motors.

I guess my point is, there are definitely examples where it doesn't make sense to spend the money, which is why it's useful to have a Community like this to bounce ideas around.

I can still get one of each delivered before Xmas :hugs:.

Sorry, now I’m just gloating :zipper_mouth_face:.


I have 2 of these and they have worked faultlessly for a couple of years.
You may be able to get them from Amazon. Not sure.

Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor.


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LOL, you made me recheck and, for some reason, when I first searched for it I was apparently shown the "old" model, but when I did a Google search it linked to the "new" version on Amazon which ships same day! w00t!


I do like how they promote the outdoor sensor as "turns on the lights when...." :slight_smile:

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I’ll bet if one were to comb through the one-star reviews, at least one of them would be complaining that after installing the sensor, their (dumb, not smart) lights still don’t turn on automatically at night.


Without them I expect we'd be paying even more for the devices....


For Z-Wave, Zooz has a few options that work well.


I have both and am very satisfied with them. They are not quick to respond, so not always ideal for an “entry” sensor that will turn on the lights quickly. However, they also monitor humidity and temperature which can be very useful.

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If you're into Zwave, Aeotec has their multisensor:

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Thanks, I thought about that one but ending up getting the Hue. My Zigbee network is rather robust and I know Zigbee devices can go to the stairwell, but since I don't have any Zwave devices and haven't tried one, I don't know what the range would be. Unfortunately my room/office/home tech lab is in the worst room of the house as it's somewhat of a faraday cage built with steel and concrete LOL. I'm not joking... I literally have to USUALLY put a repeater RIGHT outside my room. The only good part about it is I have my own little Wireless AP all to my own and the house shares the other one lol.

Phillips Hue outdoor sensor is the king. Why outdoor? Normal pir sensors can be falsely triggered by heat changes. My basement is unfinished and in the winter it's rather cool. When the heat turns on the temp difference between that cold cement and the vent would trigger every other motion sensor that I tried. That is not a problem for the Hue outdoor motion sensor. Plus the lux feels very accurate and consistent.

It's big, it's ugly, but it is a huge step above the rest in its capabilities.

The Frient Motion Sensor Pro offers illuminance and motion via zigbee

So the Philips Motion Sensor works amazingly well and the illuminance state is working exactly as I hoped. The only issue now, :joy:, is that the notion sensor is a little too strong. Lol. It's located between the bottom and top half of the stairs facing the direction where you'd start walking up or down. The idea was to have the lights triggered before you have to make a step. It definitely does this... and goes much further that if you walk past the steps, even at pretty far distances, it triggers the lights. Is there anyway to program it so it's not as strong?

I'm pretty sure you can adjust the sensitivity in HE, I at least know you can in the Hue App, and it's been a while since I had one paired to HE.

One thing worth considering may be changing the location of the sensor. I believe I have read that, where possible, or at least in situations like these, it is better to have PIR sensors looking across the area you are wanting to detect movement. Certainly in a kitchen or living space, having some that look out over the room makes sense, to try and detect general movement in the room, but for detecting people walking through a doorway or into a set of stair, directing the sensor to look across the doorway or entry to the stairs is typically a better placement. I have one at the top of my stairs looking across the top step to the adjacent wall. In other situations such as a doorway, I have also used furniture to narrow the field of the sensor to avoid misfires.

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