What are actuators?

Hi, kind of a silly question but I couldn't find my answer by doing some research.

What is Actuators and how can I use it?

Also, I'm making a rule to play an mp3 on a google mini and I was wondering if you can randomly play different mp3s?

All devices are split into broad categories, actuators and sensors.
actuators accept commands, sensors produce data.
The actuator and sensor capability do not in and of them selves do not have any native commands, they are there to simply partition devices into these two broad categories for use in app device selectors.


How many different MP3s do you want in your random queue? If it is just a few, set a variable to a random number, then use some IFs to play different tracks based on that random number
IF 1, play Track1
IF 2, play Track2, etc.


Here is an example of an actuator as used by my light switch dimmer:

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