What am I missing? Rule operates despite conditions not being met

I created a rule with a trigger and a condition on my action to prevent it from running under certain conditions. When it ran under the condition it shouldn't have, I added another condition and it still ran. What don't I understand about conditions?

As you can see below, the trigger event condition is met, but two of the conditions are listed as FALSE and yet it still ran....

Your conditions have to be selected in the Actions section. So your first action would be If temperature less than 34, then set Auxmode to True & set Thermostat to Heat.

Items in the Manage or Create Conditions section don't actually do anything. It's just a place to organize them. Conditionals aren't applied until they're included in your Actions above. It is very counterintuitive and has bit a lot of people in the a$$. You can actually create a conditional in the action that will in turn show up in the Manage or Create Conditions section below. It doesn't need to first be created in the Manage or Create Conditions section.

You have to put the conditions around the actions.

The manage conditions basically holds the conditions you create. They do not actually run from there, you must put conditional statement in you action list

If <Condition> then
   do stuff
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How exactly does one do that? I am struggling with this horrific UI, but cannot find anything anywhere explicitly telling me what to do.

Where you got the drop down list to add the statements you have in actions already, the first thing on that list is conditional. Select that.

Then select If then. See below. You should see the conditions you created in your dropdown list., or select new condition and create another. It will then appear in the list with the others.

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Thanks for that, I think I have it. One last question.

So if I put the conditional as the first action does every action after if fall within the conditional?

The documentation pages are always a good place to start:


Thanks, Mark. I've read through that and probably should have spent even more time reading it, but I found nothing representing how to actually set it up with the UX, just how to design the rules. I don't need help figuring out the if/then logic - I know what I want to do - I need help on how to do it.

Fortunately, I think I'm getting there.



I haven’t taken a look at the YouTube videos in quite a while, but there might be one in there that demonstrates a rule creation.

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Everything that is within the same IF block falls within the same conditional.

An IF block begins with an IF statement and ends with an END-IF. You’re missing the END-IF at the end of your two actions.

IF blocks can be nested.

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Thanks, I think I finallygot it. Thanks everyonefor the help. I just wish I had come to you guys a little sooner...

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There are 2 tutorials on the Hubitat web page that I found to be helpful in learning the Rule Machine UI......How to Use Rule Machine and How to Use Rule Machine 2.....


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