What am I doing wrong?

In its raw form.

Set ODLL DimLevel to ODLL S UP TEN Dimmer +7

As I interpret it...
Set GV(NUM) to Dimmer (?Level?) +7
Dimmer is "sensor value" as selected in RM4 actions.

In its raw form.

A few questions: What is your trigger, assuming you're not manually running the rule or doing so from another rule? And what is happening that shouldn't? Also, are ODLL DimLevel and ODLL S UP TEN both variables?

Why not just RAMP the dimmer over 60 minutes starting at Sunset-60?


The value of the variable ODLL DimLevel is changed to the value of the virtual dimmer ODLL S UP TEN with no offset.

I have a GV that is ODLL Auto, if the lighting is not 7,17,27, etc... then it is turned off so that my wife can set the level she wishes and it stays there. Ramping turns off the OutDoor Lighting Level Auto virtual switch when it goes, for example, from 7 to 8. Example: wife wants to do her nails, yells out "Alexa Go Bright", the place lights up like a christmas tree, and stays that way until "Alexa Go Normal" and lighting levels go back to normal, ODLL Auto comes on, and all lighting routines go back "online".

Quasi final version, now incorporates data for several other rules, so may not look exactly like the inital screenshot. The jist is still there. As is the inital question. GV's are free, only took 2 more, one of them is mostly just to keep track (for other rules) where the base line is for time of day and light levels.