What am I doing wrong

I have the following setup in RL

I'm trying to figure out how to set off the activation by motion, but if I turn off the switch as I leave the room I want the transition to never happen. Right now, the light goes off when I press the switch on the way out, but when the time limit is reached for the stay minutes per mode, the light turns back on and the transition still fires (ultimately with the light turning off again after the grace period). How do I cancel the transition from happening?

You need to include your dimmer as a means to turn off

I tried that before I revised and took the screenshot. In that scenario, pressing the switch turned the light off immediately, but then came right back on to run the transition.

I put it back that way, and ran it again and it did the same. Here are the logs:

Here is the revised RL

How about including the switch in 'Optional: Use switch to stop transition'?

I think that's the same as the "stop transition when Primary Bath Dimmer turned off" in the means to turn off lights (but the way it's worded differs slightly fine the page that sets which switch to use).

Regardless, this seemed to work briefly but then I started getting a weird new issue where - after I turned the switch off - the switch would turn back on about 3s later and would not turn off unless I went in the RL setup and pressed the "turn off" button. Trying to turn it off any other way resulted in it turning back on 3s later. So I switched back to motion lighting for now.

The best way to troubleshoot these kinds of issues is to turn logs on and review them. They should point you in the right direction