Went back to smarthings [But came back]


There was some cheeky replies to OP's post though. Bye Felicia! I'm new to HE but I was expecting more of a "Please don't go/how can we help" attitude from the community considering that "Learn from and share ideas with the Hubitat Community." is a main selling point on the HE website.

I think @Somel had the right idea showing OP some sympathy, I suggest we all follow his lead anytime an HE user is is frustrated.


Well, I think there was plenty of good conversation considering that the OP said in like post #4 they already send the hub back to Amazon...

You are lucky if you get constructive discussion at all any time someone posts an "I already left/sold the product, but here are problems I had" post.

All in all, this went well. :smile:


That's exactly how I felt about the post...if you sent the hub back then why bother posting about anything at that point? Maybe the OP was really frustrated and venting...but that just makes the folks using Hubitat frustrated too! Had it been me, I would have posted asking for help before just trashing the whole thing.


Well, how the thread went has caused me to reorder. The new hub comes tomorrow :man_facepalming:t5:. I expect some backlash which I deserve lol. But I'll give the hub another try with the new feeling of community :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Back!


Any time we learn it is useful.


Yay! Congratulations! In time I think you will not be sorry :wink:


To me, I know there are flaws with HE, but I also know it hasn't been out very long either. I am able to look past those flaws. I love seeing products improve. I had smartthings for like a week before i ordered this. I hated smartthings. But people have their own opinions. As of now I am loving the automation and rule machine. Also, I use alexa as sort of a dashboard for now. I know it isn't local but if my internet is out I can still do my automations and control devices via the web browser if needed. I hope they release a good mobile app soon. I am not a huge fan of the dashboard at this moment though.


As a long time (and beta adopter) of smartthings, I can wholeheartedly say that I think you made the correct choice in giving HE a second try.


Very true and I’m guilty!

@toyanucci I dismissed some of your original post under an assumption that you later proved to be wrong. So I apologize. The amount of knowledge in this community is immeasurable and you have significantly added to that with your post. Thank you. I hope you will continue to be an active contributor and Welcome Back!


Water under the bridge, lessons learned all around. I think it’s hard for a community to gauge new posters’ intentions sometimes, for some obvious reasons.

It’s cool you made the choice to give it a go again! Given time I think it will be a good thing for HE, the community, and you.

Your post already made some good things get brought up. I know I’ll be happy if my Sengled bulbs get the improvements.


Welcome Back.. I have tried a lot of then Systems, and even though Hubitat isn't perfect the community is great and the Support guys are great. The other Systems I have tried it may take 3-4 weeks to hear back from support..


We're all guilty. Kudos for owning up!


Excellent point except...

Reply #1:

Reply #2:

Those are a rough couple of first replies.


Welcome back, and please, don't send back the hub, let us first get your keypad and sengled bulbs working, then you can decide if you want to return it :joy:


Eh, that doesn't seem too bad to me, but whatever. I agree with you in spirit - we should try to be helpful and constructive as much as possible.


Just wanted to say thumbs up for a very friendly and non-toxic discussion on the topic :+1:


So I got the bub today and I've added a few devices back to it. The device handler from smarthings does indeed report on and off from the dumb switch now which is great but it doesn't allow for fading between levels as with the default driver so changes in levels aren't as smooth.

I'll continue to add back devices and report back.

Also in still seeing the other hub. Is there any way to remove it from my profile?


Once you've used the ported ST driver with the Sengled bulbs, and have clicked CONFIGURE and verified they work for physical power on and off, you can safely change the driver back to the Hubitat version. I verified last night using a Sengled Element Classic bulb that the physical power on and off events still fire. It is a little bit of a workaround, I know... but it does work. @mike.maxwell has mentioned that he is going to look into some changes for these bulbs in the native driver for a future firmware update. So we'll only need the workaround until that time.


Works like a charm. I was pressing configure after switching to the new driver which is why it wasn't working.