Wemo switches and dommers not supported?

I just got my hubitat... Was trying ro populate with devices. I have about 6 wemo devices that I would like to use..

These are cloud based, I understand that.. I saw a few posts about a wemo app. Perhaps thats for the bulbs?

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Nop, I have a friend with wemo switches and plugs using the wemo app for HE

Welcome to Hubitat, Roy! I have 2 Wemo dimmers, 2 3-way switches, 2 regular switches and 2 plugs that all work on Hubitat thanks to @jason0x43. His WeMo connect app can be found here:

And the drivers here:

They work great and are locally controlled by Hubitat. I even disconnected WeMo from Google Home, then added the switches back to Google Home through the Google Home HE app and completed cut out WeMo from all my voice automations. Waaaay better!

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Thank you for the code! I have entered into the Apps code and Drivers code, but I have no idea where to go from here?

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I'm the devices page you can create a new virtual devices (button on top) and select the driver you just added (on the bottom of the list). After you save that, you get the options to connect to the well device you want to add (I presume, because i don't use it myself).
On the apps page you can push the button 'add custom app' on the top of the page. You should see the custom app in the list. The rest I don't know, but I think it will be pretty intuitive from there.

You will find all the information required to use it on the readme document, in the same file repository as the code.