Wemo plugs without discovery

I've been using jason0x43's Wemo driver for a while and it works well but every now and then it will say a device is offline. Going back to discovery seems to force it to be found again.

I'm not a fan of Wemos but I use this one for my espresso machine as I need something I can trust not to fail (at least on the electrical side) when I need 1500W. I actually don't have an issue with Wemos on my network as I have an mDNS reflector running that keeps all those broadcasts working.

Anyways, when Hubitat can't find it, there's no issues on Homebridge, Wemo app, Alexa or Homekit and I can ping the device.

Is there a modified driver out there that doesn't need to discover the Wemo and can just use its static IP?

I believe the WeMo devices use the WeMo cloud through the Application. Any stand-alone code would have to have all the connection and communications software (credentials, etc) embedded in the driver.

I know buying another device is sub-optimal, but your time is worth something. There are other, hubitat-direct control options. In North America, an example of a wifi device that can be manually installed and is always local control for Hubitat is the TP-Link Kasa HS105 (be careful not to get the HS103, 12amp version, by accident). Example availability this AM:

Thanks! When I first starting using the Wemo for my espresso machine there wasn't much else that met my requirements and was UL listed for 15 amps. Just ordered one.

Yep, use his driver and app. It asks for the IP address which solves all that useless scanning that never finds anything, The LAN discovery from Hubitat is pure junk. It never finds anything. I have had to use Apps to find any LAN device. I have added a AVR driver but now I m stuck trying to get it discovered. I got WeMo and MyQ. No Logitech or AVR or my DLNA machines, TV, etc. that SmartThings find without any setup. It make the Hubitat look lame when it come to LAN.

Iā€™m not adding more wemo devices so is there a way to reduce the 5 min scan it runs to just the IP address that I have set to reserved?

It seem to generates most of the log files on my hub. Anyhow, when you run WeMo Connect there are is an option to change "How often should WeMo devices be refreshed?" It can be set from 1 to 59 minutes. The default is 5 minutes.

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