Wemo plugs without discovery

I've been using jason0x43's Wemo driver for a while and it works well but every now and then it will say a device is offline. Going back to discovery seems to force it to be found again.

I'm not a fan of Wemos but I use this one for my espresso machine as I need something I can trust not to fail (at least on the electrical side) when I need 1500W. I actually don't have an issue with Wemos on my network as I have an mDNS reflector running that keeps all those broadcasts working.

Anyways, when Hubitat can't find it, there's no issues on Homebridge, Wemo app, Alexa or Homekit and I can ping the device.

Is there a modified driver out there that doesn't need to discover the Wemo and can just use its static IP?

I believe the WeMo devices use the WeMo cloud through the Application. Any stand-alone code would have to have all the connection and communications software (credentials, etc) embedded in the driver.

I know buying another device is sub-optimal, but your time is worth something. There are other, hubitat-direct control options. In North America, an example of a wifi device that can be manually installed and is always local control for Hubitat is the TP-Link Kasa HS105 (be careful not to get the HS103, 12amp version, by accident). Example availability this AM:

Thanks! When I first starting using the Wemo for my espresso machine there wasn't much else that met my requirements and was UL listed for 15 amps. Just ordered one.