WeMo connect app generating lots of errors, help

I installed to my C7 yesterday and almost immediately started getting excessive alert warnings, and it wasn't long before things started to feel a bit laggy. Even just trying to adjust app and device settings, I was running into timeout issues. I don't know if I was quantifiably getting more errors than usual, but it did seem like a lot and I did see a number of device and app events piling up under a "pending" status in the logs, which I don't recall ever seeing before. They were mostly (but not exclusively) from WeMo and CAO Gadgets' Wireless Sensor Tags, and most of the pending events were polling. I'm not sure if that's because those devices happen to poll more frequently, or if there's something different about their polling processes.

In any event, I rolled back to and everything seems fine again. I'm curious if anyone else has seen similar experiences, and how you might have resolved/mitigated them.

Warnings about what, exactly?


And after you answer Mark's question, were the WeMo and CAO devices added very recently, or polling settings on them changed recently?

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Usual should be 0 errors if things are running correctly, so any errors should be more than usual....

I would suggest dialing back the polling on all those devices, then update the firmware again. Watch the log for errors right away before things get out of control and get some screenshots of the error messages. It is possible something with the update has broken your drivers which is causing them to spiral out of control quickly due to rapid polling.

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Here's a shot of the current errors I'm seeing under These happen to all be tied to the WeMo Connect app, but I was seeing similar issues with Wireless Sensor Tags Connect (though that was throwing more "debug" flags than actual "errors")...

All of these devices (13 WeMO, and 10 CAO for the record) are ones I had before getting my Hubitat, so they were among the first ones I connected back in 2021 and I've made no changes to them in several months.

I did try pulling back on the polling by about 50% after I started getting that excessive alert warning and paused some of the rules that reference them, but the warning persisted.

First make sure your app/driver is up to date and then please give me a link to whatever app/driver you have installed. It apparently has some.... issues.

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I do have the latest version of WeMo Connect. It can be located here...

The Wireless Tag Connect where I was getting "debug" flags is also the latest as far as I can tell. (Versioning documentation seems a bit... light, but it's got a GitHub commit date of two years ago.) That is located here...

I will have to spend some time looking at that code. I changed the topic of your post, hopefully it will attract some other WeMo users. I think I remember reading on here somewhere that people had issues with the current version and were reverting back to an older version so possibly that is what is needed?

It almost feels like the app is trying to hit up child devices that have been deleted or screwed up but I would have to dig into the code more to see whats going on.

UPDATE: @sean1 please turn on debug logging in the WeMo app and get some more logs. This might tell me why it is getting the errors.

Thanks for taking a close look. Here's what I'm seeing with debug logging in/around some of the error messages...

In case it's not obvious, "Wemo Security Trigger" and "Bat Signal" are the names of two of my plugs.

Your wemo security trigger seems to not have have an iP set on the device which is causing the errors. Can you control that device?

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That was really strange. HE wasn't picking up the IP at all but only from that one plug. I manually set the IP on the plug itself, and HE still wouldn't pick it up. I had to remove the device entirely and re-connect it for the IP to start registering. I don't know how/when/why it might've dropped the IP to begin with, but that seems to be working now. Thanks very much for your assistance!

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So do your "Wireless Sensor Tags" generate any errors normally? If not, the errors after updating may have just been because the hub was already overloaded so anything that is polling will be causing events and getting errors.

If you want to dare to update again, I would watch the logs for errors right away before things possibly get out of control again.

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Usually, the Wireless Sensor Tags are fine. I did see another crop of errors tied to Echo Speaks, but I see from searching the forums that's another set of issues you've been working on. :slight_smile:
But between the Wemo and Echo Speaks errors, that was probably causing some communication/timeout issues with the Wireless Sensor Tags as I'm not seeing any new errors showing up with those now.

Were you able to get updated to 2.3.6 now without issues?

I haven't tried again yet. I'm planning on holding off until after I address the Echo Speaks issue.

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