Well looks like Honeywell will probably start charging $5 a month for their thermostats


LOL. Honeywell saw another opportunity to sell filters. Sucker born every minute.
I love this quote..

"When we were confronted with this idea of partnering with a world-renowned innovator to solve a very specific consumer problem around having a great performing and fashionable mask that you could use for the whole day, it was just an obvious fit," said John Waldron, president and CEO of Safety and Product Solutions at Honeywell, during an interview.

Yeah, Honeywell filters fit his ridiculous face mask and none of their competitors make a filter that fit it. "an obvious fit" :wink: :rofl:


Filters cost $28 for a 3 pack and last 30 days. So right there, they got Wink's $5 monthly subscription beat. Added bonus - you get to walk around looking like a giant doofus.


Two thoughts:

Growing up I would be outside every moment I could. Never had "hay fever". It took me about 12 years of working inside to start suffering from seasonal allergies. So now we need to wear a Hepa filter so our immune system gets even less training. :sneezing_face:

If we were to need any mask (covid etal aside) we need a chemical absorption mask. I believe strongly we are exposed to so many "household" chemicals that it is causing bad changes in our bodies and especially reproductive systems. :skull_and_crossbones:

just my 2Β’

@aaiyar OMG that made me laugh :slight_smile:

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Dear God, another company venture for "Will you ain't" to screw up and bankrupt.
And great, 30 days of breathing back in your own funk, all while looking like a giant paranoid sheep.
NEVER in history have we quarantined well people, I'm sick of this bull and silencing medical doctors who have an opposite opinion and real life results to go with it.
->Rant Over

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Likely so, but we've burned folks at the stake for being witches.

I have observed the occurrence of the flu and colds has dropped significantly. Perhaps folks will realize washing your hands is a good thing.


Maybe. More likely because currently many individuals with colds/flu are wearing masks, cutting transmission significantly.

Every year, we have the luxury of designing/producing flu vaccines for the following flu season based on the circulating strains in the East (and AU/NZ) because our flu season follows theirs by about 9-10 months. In many Asian countries, which don't have this luxury, it has been the practice for several decades to simply wear a face mask when one has a cold or the flu. And their flu rates are significantly lower than ours. Heck, they've even dealt with outbreaks of avian influenza without the numbers of deaths/hospitalization that we've had with circulating H1N1 flu strains.


I agree but I thought the general population would just roll their eyes if someone suggested wearing masks longer than they are forced to.

The Japanese have have been wearing masks for many years. Never could figure out why....now I know.

I also believe many of the common household chemicals are dangerous to the human species. And I'm not a tree hugger or environmentalist, just an engineer that pays attention.

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Length of exposure and dosage matter, but generally, I would agree with you.

I saw the op and was going to post this exact same thing.

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This is one of the main cultural differences I noted while travelling in Japan and other countries in the region, masks are most often worn by individuals out of consideration for others, not protection for themselves or paranoia.

Got a cough or a sniffle? Wear a mask so you're not spreading germs. Almost everyone I've seen comment or spoken to on the subject in the Western hemisphere has focused on themself, either "I'm not scared of the flu" or "I don't want to catch it".


Honeywell, the conglomerate, isn't the owner/manufacturer of the thermostats or other home-focused systems anymore. They are all owned by Resideo. Honeywell licenses its name.

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Well that's the whole point of wearing masks during the pandemic. It's not to protect you, it's to protect others by limiting the aerosolization of your saliva. So many people are asymptomatic and don't realize they're spreading it and think they're healthy.


It’s unfortunate that widespread mask use is considered common courtesy in some cultures, but in others even in the context of a pandemic caused by a novel virus, there seem to be an awful lot of people that consider it to be too inconvenient to bother with (or a violation of their right not to give a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: about anyone else).

Edit: but just for the record re: this particular mask, if Will.i.am is in, I’m out :mask:.


I realize I'm taking this out of context but it helps my segues.

When people complain that having to wear a mask is infringing on their rights....where were these people when the law making being nude in public a crime?


Well, depending on the shape/size/other crucial details of that nude body, some laws are best left as-is..

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Since we're on segues, here's mine. This reminds of one of my favorite scenes from "The IT Crowd":

I'm well aware of this and thought my post made it clear. Judging by the levels of bitching and whining surrounding the issue it seems that many aren't, hence my comments about "I'm not afraid of the flu" and "I don't want to catch it" and the whole shift in attitude between East and West as previously mentioned by @aaiyar.

Moving totally off topic, my wife and I are generally healthy individuals who have taken great pains to minimise exposure to the pandemic, but due to her father spending four weeks in hospital at the beginning of the year on end of life care (advanced dementia) she was spending a lot of time there assisting with his care. As a registered vet nurse she has medical experience and the ward staff essentially asked her to continue attending and caring for Jim as they simply didn't have the time to give one to one monitoring.

In short, we both went down with covid in early February due to regular exposure via the hospital. I realise it's different for everyone but speaking as someone who has experienced bronchial pneumonia with a partially collapsed lung I was confident that this respiratory infection held no great terrors, suffice to say I was wrong. I'll just be forever thankful that Will.i.am had nothing to do with the medical equipment involved.


In Thailand, the total deaths from Covid at this time across the entire pandemic is still less than the deaths on the roads here every 2 days. So while they seem to have 1 thing under control...