Weird light activity - Might not be HE, however

Hey gang,

A bit of weirdness going on here, please bear with me for a moment as I will get to the HE part after a few details.

Yesterday on 2 different occasions, Alexa told me a Ring door sensor was opened, which it wasn't as we were sitting here. No battery issues, no door slack issues, no wind.... and nothing in the Ring alarm indicating the door was opened.

Last night while at a wedding, a light and an outlet were turned on. 1 has no automation at all
The other is only assigned to a couple scenes which is only activated through Alexa voice command.

The only thing in common is Alexa and she has no logs that I have been able to find so far.

The HE logs do in fact show the devices being turned on within a couple mins of each other, "digitally" but that's all I can find.

Now for my question, is anyone else experiencing random activity with devices that are also connected to Alexa?

Thanks in advance

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