Weird Issue with my rule

I have a rule that is triggered by a virtual switch when severe weather is in my area (since I live in Tornado alley). It is designed to flash a Sengled color bulb red every 2 seconds. Since the bulb doesn't flash natively, I had to get creative to create the "flash" by basically toggle the light on/off every 2 seconds.

When activated, the rule works as intended at first. But as it goes along, the level of the bulb sporadically lowers on its own. I cannot figure out why this is happening. In this log snippet, it starts at 100% as it should. But then it goes to 14% to 12%.


Here is the rule. I cannot see anything in it that would set the level on anything other than 100%.

Any ideas what may be causing this? The light device is not associated with any other rule.

is there any other rules you have that does anything to that light/ could one of them be overlapping with this?

No other rule associated with this light. For the heck of it, I changed the rule to "flash" a hue bulb. Worked perfectly.

Unpaired the Sengled bulb and then re-added it. Same result. Maybe the Sengled bulb cannot handle the quick on/off commands in this manner.

I wonder if the ramp rate of the bulb is turning it off before its fully on is causing it to slowly return to the last dim state. Which keeps going down.


This is a very good hypothesis. @spalexander68, to test it, try changing the driver for this Sengled bulb to the "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" driver instead. Click CONFIGURE after you save the driver type change. And then try to run your test again.

Sengled bulbs actually turn on/off instantly without the fade on/off effect. I believe that effect was added my Mike Maxwell, when he wrote the Sengled specific drivers for these bulbs.

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Changing the driver to the generic driver did the trick!

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