Weird Issue - Devices show "in use by" cloned apps

Hi - I've been cloning a few of my apps, renaming them, and changing the devices within to suit different rooms. For some reason the "in use by" section of the devices of the original app that was cloned now show "in use by" the cloned app - even though that device is not being used by the new cloned app.

Anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it?

Did some more digging. See image. The highlighted item in the app settings should not be there. Obviously a holdover from when I cloned it. How can I delete that line?

I thank that sometimes the Conditions of an app remain listed, even if you're no longer using the conditions within the Actions of your app. Have you checked in the "Manage or Create Conditions" section at the bottom of the Actions page, to see if the old devices are still in those conditions?

Yes - checked and they are removed. When I delete them from the app it looks like the capability remains (see image in my second post).

The thread linked to above is one of several that explains this issue further. It isn't just conditions. Actions are susceptible to this problem, too, especially if you delete them without un-selecting the device(s) first, though I'm not sure the UI always allows you to do this. Cloned rules are particularly susceptible. Basically, "old" devices may get saved as a setting somewhere (as you saw) with no visible UI to remove them due to changes made in the rule. This is harmless, though perhaps noisy if you're trying to see what apps/rules really use a device. If this is a problem, the workaround in your case would be to create new rules each time rather than clone (or do something else like use a dedicated virtual device you can convince yourself to not care about in the "template" rule), assuming nothing else works.

When I asked about this several months ago, Bruce told me it happens and to not worry about it... or something along those lines

Confusing... yes, causing issues... not that I know of

I noticed that I deleted a line from a rule, the device that had been in use on that line would still show the rule in the in use by section although that was on 2.1.5 and I just recently updated to and haven't verified that behavior yet on the new firmware.