Website Consistency

It would be really nice to have the website reviewed for navigation consistency. I do not believe that the Hubitat logo consistently returns a person to but sometimes returns to the documentation home or some other sub-page.

Do you mind sharing more details, so we can try to replicate and correct as needed?

If you are on a community topic and click on the hubitat logo, you are directed back to the community home page instead of I think a similar situation may apply to the documentation. Once you are in the documentation you cannot navigate back to using either the home icon or the hubitat logo. The user must go to his/or bookmarks to get back to

Ah. For design consistency, clicking the logo takes you to the home page of the interface that you are currently navigating. That is true for all of our interfaces, including the hub's web interface.

Yes, that is true. A feature I've always liked in my own web page designs is what is referred to as "bread crumbs" which makes navigation very nice. It would be nice if an icon were used to go to the "interface home" with the logo going back to the homepage to facilitate opening multiple tabs address each interface. For hubitat, when someone is working on a project it rapidly becomes valuable to access multiple interfaces simultaneously. I would normally use multiple tabs on my browser or possibly multiple windows if I want two interfaces open at the same time. Having both a dedicated home page icon/logo and an "interface home" icon provides a more focused experience. I like my tabs titled with the interface name. Another feature I tend to appreciate is "bubble help" which would simply be a name which shows up when the mouse hovers over an icon so the user knows for sure where the icon will lead when clicked.

It would be a bit nicer if there were multiple HE icons - specific. Like the company logo for the App/HE Hub, a different logo for documents, and a different logo for Security. Nuanced differences, not whole hog changes. Even the logo used here in the comm forum could be added to the list - maybe just a word under the logo saying 'Docs'? still - this isn't much of a thing to me and I'm sure it's going to be left undone!

Sounds like good ideas. I probably should have titled this thread as a navigation wish list. I am thankful we have hubitat regardless of the challenges.

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