Webcore "Stays ..." function

I am having a problem with the Webcore "Stays..." function. In Smartthings if I turned on a light based on motion I would also include code that said "if motion sensor stays inactive for XX minutes" then turn the light off. If I triggered the motion sensor before the XX minutes were up Webcore would set a new later timer to account for the interruption.

In the Hubitat version of Webcore that doesn't appear to happen. If I specify XX inactive minutes that time stays even if I interrupt the sensor again. I have had a number of instances where lights have turned off unexpectedly even though I have triggered the motion sensor. Does this function intentionally work differently in the Hubitat version?

Tagging @nh.schottfam who may be able to answer this.

And an green snapshot of the piston or a simplified version would be helpful.

Here is a green snapshot.

Do you have full logs for this running on ST and HE? Can you post them?

Just a thought as I do not use "stays." Was the "stays" code for webcore ever completed? There has been some discussion in the webcore forum that the "stays unchanged" was unfinished.

That may only apply to "stays unchanged"

I re-ran my stays tests and they passed. If you have full logs from ST and HE, that can help.

You may also want to ask in the webCoRE forum as the logic may have more cases given the number of different events that can occur. The or statements can cause cancellations you may not expect.

I believe I found a solution. I removed the "stays..." portion from the ELSIF statement and put it in its own section. The piston now works as it should. I have attached a photo.

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