webCoRE Presence Sensor issues on iOS

Hi there Hubitat fam!

Is anyone else using iOS having issues with the webCoRE Presence Sensor? I've used webCoRE presence sensing in the past, but don't remember it only having "Asleep", "Awake", "Ping", and "Toggle Sleeping"....but that's all that's listed there now. I have my geofence all set up in the app and everything else looks to be configured correctly. But when I add the devices to my Dashboard all I see is a "question mark" icon and it never changes states. So something is wrong. I know there are several threads open on webCoRE Presence Sensing but I couldn't find anyone talking recently about the iOS integration being broken.

Is anyone else having these issues? Any luck solving them? In the past, webCoRE Presence has been the most reliable for me all things considered, so I'd like to get it working properly again. Any insight you could provide is much appreciated!