webCoRE Piston External URL?

I noticed the external URL for a piston hits an API at cloud.hubitat.com. I assume this means that triggering a piston via this URL happens in the cloud and not locally. Is there anyway to have that trigger locally, or would I have to run webCoRE locally for that to work?

there is also a local endpoint, viewable from the HE interface. From the apps page, find your piston and open. You'll see alot of options referencing clearing logs/data, devices, etc. Click Test run piston, the result will show both enpoints.

That's the only way I've discovered to find the local endpoint. Of note, if you try to execute from RM for example, it is best to add the 8080 port into the address. Should look something like this:


That's EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks!