webCore not possible to backup

Hi all,

Sorry if this is not the right category. I'm currently migrating from SmartThings (ST) to Hubitat C-7.
As part of the migration I also successfully installed webCore to Hubitat and migrating all my pistons from ST. When I tried to run "Backup Pistons" I got message on the attached screenshot.
Backup option is enabled on each piston. Same backup process was working fine on webCore that was associated with ST.
What I'm doing wrong, please help.


There are a couple of threads about this. Basically, and admittedly I don't remember the technical reasons, but there is a memory limitation in HE that makes it so your pistons have to be backed in sections. In my case I can back all my pistons but 1. I have one rather large one and it must always be backed up by itself. So back them up in blocks, that is what most people do.

If you read the Hubitat webcore documentation one of the notes describes the problem.


Thanks for the suggestion. I can confirm that backup is working in blocks.
I'm going to check mentioned docu.

Your pistons would also be backed up in your hub nightly backup. :+1:


@Royski, Thanks for the info.

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@Royski: I'd like to backup my pistons at the same time as my hub nightly backup on my NAS. How do you automate the piston backup ?

Not much need, as your hub backup also contains all your pistons :+1:

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