Webcore Not Loading

Hi Guys,

So I've recently moved over to the C8 but for some reason now WebCore won't open pistons.
The pistons are running fine but I can't edit any of them due to not being able to access them.

I can login to webcore and see my piston on the dashboard but when I try to open them I just get the spinning loading icon forever.

I'm running the lastest hub firmware, webcore is up to date as far as I'm aware now its built in, I've tried reboots of the hub and still no joy.

Any one have any ideas?

Try deleting all your cookies and browser cache stuff related to hubitat and webcore.co and see if that helps. Or try another browser.

I ran into this before. And I've also got the spinning webcore logo trying to load the dashboard once in awhile then a couple hours later I can get in. Sometimes I think that's on the webcore side of things.


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