webCoRE Migration from ST

I searched on best methods for migrating webCoRE from ST to Hubitat and didn't see any references to having the webCoRE ST pistons already available for use in Hubitat. I assume this is new? In my Hubitat WebCoRE instance, I was able to create a duplicate piston, and select an existing ST piston to duplicate. (I was surprised to see all my ST pistons available).

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It's been there for a while, just not used that often I guess.

Yeah it's very easy, to move pistons from one platform to the other. I did most of that a little over a year ago and had some issues. Most times I could only duplicate one piston at a time before I needed to log out of webcore and back in.

When I tried to duplicate a second piston it wouldn't save. It would go through the process like it was saving but never would. I reported it over on the webcore forum and think they may have fixed it, as I haven't had to do that in a while, I don't know.

for many the easiest way to move is to

take a local backup of a few pistons

and then restore from the local downloaded file.

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For me it was as easy as a backup of my 66 pistons and then a local restore of each one after I added the required devices to assign again.
Very painless, just a bit of fiddling if your're an HE newbie like I was.

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That's what I did.

I was using backup codes until I realized I could copy from one instance to another.

The only issue I had was with my Homeseer 200+ switches. In ST, the driver used setStatusLed, whereas HE used setStatusLED. Once I finally noticed the difference, it was an easy fix.

There was a small discussion earlier this year on the WC community: