Webcore Long Term Storage (LTS) Device rename

Hi All,

I am using Webcore for graphing purposes only.

Webcore seems to have a nice feature to display data for all devices selected in "long term storage" and I was wondering if it is possible to change the name of the devices from a numerical value to actual name of device please?


I will have to discuss with @ipaterson , as both frontend and backend would need to change for this.

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Ooh that is confusing to look at. I did not realize that LTS was exposed as fuel streams, that's handy. I've always used the configurable graphs in the webCoRE app which allow custom labels but that requires a lot of setup.

@nh.schottfam it looks like the data is { i: '1152_power', n: '1152_power', ...} so you might be able to get away with just backend changes to populate a display name in that n property.

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Thank you guys!
It would be really great if you can make the necessary changes to display the device names.
This will complement Hubitat and graphing requirements quite well for a newbie like me; I am in the process of moving all graphs from Hubigraph to Webcore as it seems to be lighter on CPU usage, and LTS fuel streams are really handy.
Also, I really can't get my head around InfluxDB and Grafana, so this will be great!

I posted an update (HPM repair to get it)

Let me know if this works

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Thank you so much for the quick update, and I can confirm that it is working great!

LTS fuel stream

Just to clarify I had to install Webcore again via HPM as I currently have the built-in version installed.

webCore versions installed

Will the updated version be pushed to Hubitat system as well?

System version


User version

Yes it will get pushed to HE firmware