Webcore in Freenas jail

Has anyone set up Webcore in a FreNas jail?

I haven't seen anyone here mention it, and all the instructions I can find online assume Debian-family Linux. However, looking at them again (I tried this a while back on Raspbian), it looks like all you need is apache and git, both of which you should be able to install in a FreeNAS/TrueNAS jail as well in typical FreeBSD style (pkg install apache or maybe pkg install apache24, plus pkg install git inside a new jail you create).

That being said, are you aware that webCoRE pistons run locally on Hubitat? The steps you've seen to host the webCoRE Dashboard locally are just for the "IDE" or piston creator/editor, which by default uses the cloud instance that webCoRE graciously hosts for everyone. Your pistons will execute locally, like any Hubitat app, regardless of how you created them. I'd say a lot of people believe it's not worth the effort to host the Dashboard locally for that reason. Not trying to stop you--just pointing out a common misconception. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the answer. I had it all installed, but I couldn't figure out the apache configuration. I had a pi that was primarily used to run Housepanel. I wasn't sure how much load it put on the device, so I was hesitant to use it for Webcore. I found a utility that gave me a graph of the pi use and saw that there was almost no load on it, so I went ahead and loaded webcore on it. Looking forward to playing with it.

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How do you add devices to a piston? I have selected the ones i want, then clicked the update button, but when I try to edit the piston , no devices are shown. I'm sure I am missing some little detail, just not sure where to look.


I'm assuming by "selecting the ones you want," you mean in the webCoRE app on Hubitat. If not, start there. But assuming you did that and just don't see them in the webCoRE Dashboard (editor/IDE), then I've seen that before, too. Usually a refresh (a shift+reload or cache-free refresh, however your browser might do that, just to be extra sure) will fix that. Exiting and going back into a piston may also be necessary if you are currently trying to create or edit one.

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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