WebCore HSM Intrusion Delay / Lock Codes

Is there a way in webcore to access the HSM Intrusion Delay triggers?

I can find intrusion Arming and such, but not the delay version.

Also l want to have my system do something when a door is unlocked by a specific user, how can I access that part, I can in rule machine but not webcore

IIRC there isn't an event for the delays, HSM just holds the event until the delay time is up.

webCoRE and the unlock, you need to query the event description ($currentEventDescription) and parse it.

Any chance you could give me an example for both?

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Sweet. Thanks That worked Perfectly

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one last question how are you doing the any of, I have tried a few options and it does not seem to work, I can only use one. Can you send a screenshot of you editing it?

This is what I am trying to do

I have tried several ways, but can only get it to work for a single user name.

Try including the currentEventDevice inside of the braces, i.e.

{{$currentEventDevice} " was unlocked by Albert"}

The above I was showing works, but if I try "is any of" then it does not work with 2 peoples names, That is why I was hoping to see how you have yours created, (the edit details ) are you using a Value, Variable, Expression, Argument and then what syntax are you using?

I got it with your help, I switched to using Value and it now works.

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