Webcore Graphs Hubitat Dashboard


I've created a graph with the Webcore App, even activate the "installation Tile on dashboard", but then I don't know how to add the tile. Webcore graph appears on the device list, but when I go to dashboard to add a tile, it doesn't appear.

Can anyone solve this issue?

Thank you very much

If you have installed the tile device and added the tile device to you dashboard, then select the tile device as the dashboard device and select attribute as the template. Then over to the right under pick and attribute, select graph or graph no title.

Sorry, I got lost between all the devices explanation!! Sorry :sweat_smile:

Yeah it was a bit of a run on wasn't it.

  1. Install the tile graph device for your graph

  2. Add the graph device to your dashboard in apps.

  3. on the dashboard select the graph device you created in step 1 as the device.

  4. For the template select attribute.

  5. Then over to the right under pick an attribute, select graph or graph no title.


Now I got it!!

Thank you very much!!

Is there any known way to also get this into a SharpTools dashboard? A graphed tile would be great for tracking my ponds' temperature.

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