webCoRE for Hubitat Updates

Ah, I see! That step was crucial, and I overlooked it. Thanks for setting me straight!

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Thanks again for the detailed description.

One question came up on my side. How do I pause a HE app as stated in bullet point 1?



I noticed that in HPM, we have an available upgrade for webCoRE from version 1.0.89 to 1.0.90. I'm excited about the new features and improvements this update could bring.

I wanted to check in and ask if it's possible to use HPM to perform this upgrade, or if it needs to be done manually like the last upgrade. Your guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your help!

I just went straight to repair and it updated first time

Still getting the Fatal error using HPM on a C7. Will do the update manually

@nh.schottfam - can you comment on what's changed in 1.0.90? Maybe I missed it, but I don't see anything about a version update in post 1 of this message thread. Thanks!

I truly hope we can resolve this issue soon. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel, @nh.schottfam?

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My understanding:

The issue is the java changes in the latest HE builds slow down the compiles, and there appears to be a fixed timeout in the api's that hpm uses. @gopher.ny is aware, but has not had time to find a solution to the hpm fixed timeout.

This is not in HPM or webCoRE's control, it is a platform item.

When you compile by hand, there is no issue.


@nh.schottfam - can you comment on what's changed in 1.0.90? I don't see anything about a version update in post 1 of this message thread. Thank you.

I'm trying out some improvements to the piston expression editor on https://staging.webcore.co if anyone with related grievances wants to give it a try. Please @mention me with any bug reports - it's not perfect but should be better than the live dashboard.

Here is a screen recording

  1. Expression evaluation (the result shown above the expression editor) uses the value to which local variables are set in the editor, rather than the saved value. Previously required saving the piston and editing again to evaluate newly created variables or modified constant/initial value variables.
  2. [device : attribute] expressions autocompletion includes all local, system, and global device variables in addition to device names.
  3. [device : attribute] expressions show attributes relevant to the device or variable. Previously showed only the list of all built-in attributes. All built-in attributes are available for device variables, but the attributes relevant to the devices currently in that variable are shown at the top of the list.
  4. Text strings are highlighted which may make it easier to figure out text with escaped quotes like 'won\'t you'.
  5. Previously an expression containing html tags would make the editor go bananas because the HTML that you typed was rendered inline rather than shown as text. Now all HTML should be properly escaped so that you see the actual value you have typed.

If you see garbage like this, hard refresh or otherwise clear your cache - your browser is still running some older code:
Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 5.18.13 PM


note 1 is updated for current release.


My two cents …

Why not split the problematic files into two or more? Like moving some parts to a library and include it in the HPM package?

Thank you for providing clarity on the issue with the latest HE builds and the impact on compilation speed due to Java changes. It's insightful to learn about the fixed timeout in the APIs that HPM utilizes and the current awareness of @gopher.ny regarding this matter. I understand the constraints on finding a solution promptly amidst other commitments.

I will manual update.

Not so easily done. There is a lot of sharing of data structures across piston instances, which is controlled by child/file.

Parent/child calls are expensive and can get interesting for some locking behaviors.

The resulting compiled java is not that big for webCoRE,

You have the option to use built in, which you don't have to compile.

That’s exactly what I’m doing - gradually, of course!