Webcore False triggering on a piston

I have a piston in Webcore which is behaving badly. I have some door locks that sometimes take an extra command to get them to lock. This piston is supposed to have NO triggers, but only run when some other piston tells it to execute. The idea is that it will send the lock command, wait 10 seconds and then do it again unless the lock has locked, or the counter variable has exceeded 5.

If you look at the Piston code you see in line 36 that the the lock's state is considered a trigger, not a condition. You can also see in the snapshot of the log that it indeed acts as a trigger, The end result is that if I unlock the door the piston immediately launches and locks it. So ANY change in the lock status forces the lock to lock.

Am I dong something wrong, or is this a bug?

Cordell Jeppsen

May help to look at it slightly differently, if, as you say, the piston is executed from another piston.

Yes, that could be a good solution. Thanks for the suggestion.

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