Webcore, Delay an action according to time

I have a piston that, to keep it simple, detect the battery drop on my wife cell phone and if under 10% it set a global variable to a string.
This global trig an alexa routine that speak this string (your battery is low…)
I would like to delay it after certain time, like if after 10 pm wait until 8 am to set the variable…
Any idea on that?

There are many ways to do this. You might try an "Only when" condition and put in your 10pm to 8 am time restrictions. You have to check the "Show restrictions" option in your piston options to see the "Only when".


I would suggest reading through this Only When discussion and using Restrictions.

You could instead use a Time is between condition.

Yes but I want to keep the action, just report it later! Condition would just not do it if outside the range

Maybe a green shot of your piston would help here.

Something like this maybe.

Yes I think it could make it, I was looking for integrated delay but seems not to exist in this action! It’s just a turn on motion sensor for Alexa…
I ll test and see!

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