WebCore and room lights activator head scratcher

I have a piston that used to work, yeah yeah :slight_smile:
After a few hotfixes, maybe, it's not working.
Lights in the rec room are supposed to come on at a reduced level, @LightLevelLow, for evening. This piston says the level is already at 40 so skips the code line but as you can see, the activator in the Room Lighting app says it at 99%.
If I adjust the Rec Room Activator the slaves (yeah yeah again) follow. If I turn off the Rec Room Activator and create motion again it jumps back to 100 and ignores the command to set to @LightLevelLow.
I think I'm forcing the lights to 100% somehow with the defaults in the RL app.

app:16002024-01-02 18:50:44.175infosetLevel: Rec Room Lights, level: 100

app:16002024-01-02 18:50:44.155infosetLevel: Rec Room Track Lights, level: 100

app:16002024-01-02 18:50:44.129infoActivating for All Modes

Help me Obiwon.

PS I have 2 other pistons that are duplicates. The Master Bedroom one works as expected and the Staircase one seems to be stuck at 100% now as well.


+509ms ║║Executed device command [Rec Room Lights Activator].on() (243ms)
+515ms ║║Command optimization: Skipped execution of device command [Rec Room Lights Activator].setLevel(40) because it would make no change to the device. (2ms)

When you go to HE console -> devices -> that device, what is the level show in the device handler?

that is what webcore reads to determine command optimization.

You can also turn off command optimization:

The Rec Room Lights Activator has the correct value, hence the optimization, but the Activator in the app says 100. That is what controls the group devices levels, I assume, which remain at 100.
I can do a SetLevel command from the Devices page on the Activator and it works though, setting the subordinate devices correctly.
It's like they are out of sync; WC and HE Room lIghting app.
Strange I have another identical piston/scenario that works fine as these always have.
I'll try the optimization route first.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I made the Activator match the subordinate devices manually and now it seems to work.
I'll test more later.