WebCore Advanced Sonos radio manager


After a white night I made a Radio Station manager that scrolls Up or Down stations, and Play/Stop from wall switches.

Hardware involved:

  • Sonos speaker
  • Philips Hue Hub/GW (for kinetic SENIC wall switches accessories)
  • Kinetic Friends of Hue SENIC buttons
  • Apple TV (for linking SENIC Buttons with Sonos via HomeKit)
  • Hubitat (for WebCore and virtual buttons that appears in HomeKit via Hubitat HomeKit Integration)

This is the piston that creates the magic :blush:. Enjoy:

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Is that kenetic switch directly connected to hubitat or via hue?

Via Hue. And via Homekit. Simultaneously.
From Hue I assign some light scenes. And from HomeKit I assign some buttons from Hubitat via HomeKit Integration.
So the kinetic switch "speaks" with Hubitat via HomeKit Integration.