webCore -- Account/Location Identifiers?

What does this mean in the setup screen? I have 3 hubs and installed on webCore on all 3 to begin the experimenting. Is there something that I need to do?

If you have multiple instances (same or multiple hubs) of webCoRE installed, the IDE design works best if all the instances of webCoRE are using the same 'account'.

New instance installs with the latest webCoRE by default we use the hash of the Hubitat account id. So if your hubs are all registered with Hubitat under the same account, they will naturally get the same account id.

So for existing webCoRE installs:

  • Yes eventually it would be good for them to convert to the hub account hash. That said there is no urgency to do this, and we want to make sure during conversion there are no side effects:

    • like affecting backups you have created on the webCoRE servers

    • details on how to interact with the IDE when you transition

So at this point, if you are not having a problem, you might not change anything yet.

Folks can be in several possible scenarios today:

  • if they very recently installed webCoRE, they will be using the hash of the hub account. (this is where eventually we want everyone)

  • if they installed earlier, each installed instance likely has a different made-up account identifier (what you may be seeing)

  • it has been possible some folks have normalized the account identifier yourself by entering your own string.

So if you are not having a problem, can leave as-is for now. Transition

Problems one might see with different account identifiers on different webCoRE instances:

  • sometimes in the IDE, you are in instance A, and select a piston from instance A, but the IDE opens a piston in instance B (that the IDE is also logged into)

If you really want to 'fix' this now, you can (but understand we are still working thru the above issues for the change scenario):

  • ensure you are on latest hub firmware and webCoRE (HPM repair if installed the user app)

  • log out of your webcore IDEs. (ie anything using dashboard or staging)

  • On each hub,
    HE console -> apps -> select your webcore main process

    • Select settings
    • select security
    • select either
      • Update to hub account hash. OR
      • 'Set custom account identifier'
        On both hubs use the same Account identifier (it can be what you want no spaces, but the same on both hubs)
    • For 'Location identifier' give each hub a separate one (again they can be anything no spaces) but they are different / unique for each hub

    save / done you way out of each hub

Wait about 1 minute, then you can re-register your webcore IDE (dashboard or staging)

  • this should straighten out any issues for accessing pistons


    • existing piston backups are likely inaccessible now. You can take a new backup of all your pistons from the webcore IDE, to have the cloud backup of you pistons and it be properly associated with the new account

    • piston references to other pistons (execute piston) will need to be fixed

    • this will also affect URL based piston execution, or variable sets

    • this will affect IDE access (logout will be required)

  • THIS IS WHAT WE ARE WORKING TO ADDRESS FOR the change identifier scenario.

- If you edit and save a piston, it will get a new backup if automatic backups are enabled, but we really want to have a better solution than forcing folks to edit/save every piston

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