Hi everyone

I would like to create a dashboard that shows a rain forecast radar and the local river level from a public API.

The data retrieved from the API is {"info":{"name":"Skenfrith","watercourse":"Monnow"},"levels":[{"record_date":"2020-10-03","max_level":"1.849","min_level":"1.102","avg_level":"1.446"}]}

Is there a way of creating a virtual device to store these attributes or would this require coding? (The last time I coded was 35 yrs ago, so I'm rusty to say the least!)

I also have the ability to get a variable number of days data from the same API, I assume that Arrays aren't supported without coding but thought I would ask. :slight_smile:

You may want to look at the Tempest weather station device code as a baseline:

You can get the local river level from NOAA - National Weather Service - Water and stick the link in an image tile.


And you can get radar and satellite feeds from here:

Thanks Lewis

But I believe that that is for the US only, I'm UK based... I have the weather radar sorted just trying to get the river levels into HE using the UK government public API.

Gotcha, I haven't looked into the UK datasets yet but it's on the to-do list.

FYI - This is the UK weather Radar site I use, it builds a HTTPS link that displays great in a Text icon on a dashboard.

No link to click.

School boy error, sorry! https://meteoradar.co.uk/rainradar-onyourwebsite

...and the river levels API: River Levels UK - river and sea level monitoring stations, flood alerts, flood warnings and flood forecasts for your local area

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