Hi there. Just bought a Hubitat and loving it.

One of the things I really need is to use weather to control HVAC, etc. I saw there’s a long thread on a user-developed API, but I’m struggling to find the actual code or figure out how to deploy it. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much for an awesome product.

Have you installed the Hubitat Package Manager yet?

If not I'd recommend installing it as many of the community apps and drivers are registered in it. Once you have that installed, open it and click install, and do a keyword search on weather - should give you several options.

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Thanks so much!!!

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Once you have a weather service installed you can kick off changes in your HVAC settings based on the data those services report.

If you search on the type of thermostat you have here in the forum you can find out if it's supported on HE, either natively, or via a community integration. What thermostat(s) do you use?

You can also check the Custom Device Drivers (ones made by the community) list.

Not all developers use Hubitat Package Manager or they may only have some of their drivers in it (myself included, I only have a couple of my drivers posted in HPM).


Thanks again. Very happy to have found the Package Manager. Like I died and went to heaven! :smiley:

Using the Honeywell T6 Pro for Z-Wave


Hi everyone. I have a related question. My home has several motion sensors that I use to turn on nights at light for an elderly relative who lives with me. But I notice that if I use a button to turn the lights off, the motion sensors aren’t turning the lights on.

Could you point me in the right direction to start troubleshooting this issue?

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

For the lights to turn on again, the motion sensor has to stop sensing motion, and then sense motion again. Could this be the issue?

I’ll check. Thanks a lot. One thing I really enjoy is the camaraderie here on the boards. Maybe the best thing about ditching ST for Hubitat. :grin:

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