Weather Tile Options - Driver / App on its own?

I'm interested to get people's thoughts on displaying weather information on dashboard tiles and whether it would be possible to develop a generic weather tile "builder" app or driver. My aim would be to separate the tile-related options / features from those required to source weather information, typically from an online source. In looking at some code recenntly, it feels like I am duplicating the effort of other developers who I assume have done very similar display elements in their code for another specific weather source.

In terms of existing solutions, I understand there are "swiss army knife" style tile creation apps / drivers, I use them regularly, and they are a valid option here, but I feel weather is a quite specific scenario that would benefit from a more tailored user interface for setting up a tile.

I also know there are web sites where you can construct "tiles" that are made available as an image URL. For me, here in Australia, my own personal experience with these has been weather forecasts and observation values that are quite different to the local authorities.

I'd be ineterested in peoples thoughts or any suggestions for possible solutions, am I dreaming if I think it can be done :slight_smile:


You mean something like this?

or this?


The problem with 'pre constructing' a weather tile is not knowing if all attributes are available to display, or if everyone wants the same attributes displayed.

The examples from your earlier post are the output I want thinking of. What I am after I think would rely on something like a capability, where a user would open a "weather tile builder" app and choose what weather elements to put where on a tile from a nominated weather source device, which like you say, you would need to guarantee the required attributes were available from the data source device.

Like I mentioned in my original post, I know there are generic tile tools that yourself and Bryan have developed, and that is likely to be what I go to, but I was thinking weather seems to be a quite specific use case that could benefit from some more tailored settings and logic, such as what to include on a forecast tile and how many days to show for a forecast, without having to produce the same setup 5-7 times.


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