Weather Station Question

I just bought this and see the display reports to WU. That means it is WeeWX compatible? I believe this is a new display. I'm hoping there's a way to tie it into my Hubitat. If not i can always return it but if so its one heck of a deal at under 125 bucks.

The AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station is supported in weewx. The problem is how to get the data into weewx. I'm not sure how it is done using the newer displays. I have one of the old displays that use to connect to a computer to download the data. That works great with a rPI with weewx to download the data and get to HE. I also have a SDR on a rPI that is downloading the same data to weewx.

That helps to know it should work. I can mess with it and hopefully get it there without to much hassle.

I wonder if you get the data the same as you would on the access bridge.

It looks like you can post your data directly to weatherundergound, if so there is a driver for bringing the data from weatherunderground into Hubitat. I'm currently using Cobra's Custom WU driver but I think there are others as well.

This is the data I get from the SDR into weewx.

Do you mind linking the one you use? I spoke with acurite customer service and verified this does post directly to WU. I was looking for cheap and easy and think i found it lol.

Would the data be my station?

I'm sorry for not understanding but what is SDR? I think of

You have to sign up for a free account to download from Cobra's site

I use this on with my acurite pws. It works great.

SDR stands for Software Defined Radio. These are USB radio designed for viewing TV on computers. They can be used to receive other radio signals. Here is a link to a web page talking about using a SDR to receive signals from a weather station. Setting Up a Weather Station (Specifically, My Weather Station)

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Thank you!! That worked. Now that driver's minimum refresh rate is hourly. Does WU limit or is there an issue with me running 15, 10 or even as low as 5 minute refreshes?

I did a little modification on my copy of the driver to allow for faster refresh rate. I added case for 30 and 15 minutes but @snell would be the person to ask since he is the developer.

I can just have webCoRE do it for me. It looks like they either allow 10 or 30 calls a minute and 500 or 15000 calls a day. There's no straight answer.

That driver is more meant to be for broad weather usage, I did not really think of it for "right now", more along hourly lines.

But I could easily make it refresh more frequently. In fact, I will try to remember to change that this weekend. It has been a bit since I had any updates for WSM. :smile:

Some of the services do have limits but it is more on an account basis (the UK's one has all sorts of data limit and account options). But I do keep an eye open for any services to add to it. I am also always open to improvements to any of my drivers. Does not mean they always (or can) happen, but I do try to listen.

Why is there no Today Max Temperature? Is that what Today_Temp is supposed to be? That matches my "temperature," however.

Never mind It looks like it might be because it hasn't been on long enough to report a high temp.

Search here for the Wunderground driver from @dJOS. I believe it is a modification of the earlier work by @Cobra, but can't remember at this point. I use that driver and it works beautifully. As others note, you will need to sign up with Weather Underground and report your data to them which is what makes this possible.

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And you can take it a step further if you need that value to stay fixed for a given period. I used a rule to capture this value and store it as a global variable when the house changes to Night mode.

I need to do this for sunset and sunrise. I know WC has built in sunset/ sunrise but i love that i can pull it from my PWS.

Hubitat also has the sunset and sunrise data for your location.

I know so does WC but it's still cool that I can pull it from my PWS too. :laughing:

I moved from ST recently so am still on webCoRE... which I'm running locally. I really like it and don't think i could switch at this point. I use RM for some end points i have triggered from tasker but that's about it.

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