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What is the best way to pull current weather data and forecasted highs and lows with Hubitat?

For current weather I'd want something I could poll at 10-to-15-minute intervals. Temps change fast in the mountains.

I use forecasted high and lows to run various thermostat changes for a day and current temps to turn / off vent fans.

For current weather conditions, I would recommend a weather station. I am biased towards the EcoWitt platform, as I own one and currently maintain the Custom driver, but other weather stations are available. One selling point for EcoWitt is that the data is sent directly to the HE hub by the EcoWitt system through a local connection, so it does not need to go via a cloud service for Hubitat to receive it. Additionally, EcoWitt can also send the weather conditions to their own cloud service for display in their own dashboard. plus services like Weather Underground. They also have display units that can receive and display dashboards with current conditions, if you would prefer a pre-built dashboard / display solution.

In terms of forecasting, I would suggest looking around at weather sites / services online that provide the forecast that most closely matches the forecast you most commonly rely upon. E.g. if you typically get your forecast from the local news, find an online source that has the same forecast. Then it's a matter of finding / building an integration. I can't help too much for forecasts in the States, but if comes into consideration, I am going to look at it for a friend, so may be able to help out once I set something up.

It also depends on where you are. There are more options in the US but there are drivers that support some other (or global) APIs such as my Weather Service Monitor 4 Hubitat.

You can find a list of Community Drivers and it includes a whole section for Weather-related drivers. Although a lot of developers forget to add their drivers in there.

Thanks for the response… Right now I loaded the open weather map app. My token isn’t working yet, but I switched over to and it seems fine.

In the past I’ve had issues with other systems having intermittent issues pulling timely updates…hopefully this is cleaner.

Thanks for the detailed answer. It does make a lot of sense to have an outdoor sensor for current temp. I’ve never used one but what could be more precise… And I can poll it as much as I want I’m assuming.

I’ve typically use the forecast, highs and lows for setting the modes of my thermostat,… if it’s 45° outside but the high is going to be 75 there’s not much reason to turn the heater on at 7am.

You can also user the Wunderground driver, but yeah a weatherstation (I use a Tempest Weatherflow with @snell 's driver) and Wunderground combined are pretty powerful

Available Wunderground data


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Thanks! That helps a lot!