Weather Data Curiosity

I see many people using many different sources of weather data.. I was curious why I don't see many people mention the built in driver (which isn't in the documentation wiki) ..

The built-in driver for openweathermap seems to work fine and has a free api…

While the Openweathermap driver is functional and provides basic info, I use DarkSky because it has many more attributes I can use in automations like forecast info, illumination, weather alerts, etc. Also, it appears possible to get a more localized report. I'm all about "one-stop shopping". :grin:


In addition to what bj mentioned, the MyTile option has much more info and is a much better looking tile, IMO.


openweathermap dosnt work in the UK (unless you live in london), what are people i the uk using for weather?
edit, link from bobbles response

Darksky works for me.

I use Weather Underground but you can only use that if you are pushing data to them from your own weather station.

What about Apixu?

Search on the forum and you should find a driver.


Openweathermap does work in the UK outside of London I have it running on my HUB at the moment and it is reporting weather correctly.

works on my phone, wouldnt update on work newtwork