Weather App / Driver for the U.K

Evening all I trust you are well.

I am new to HT and am doing the usual migrate from ST. So far I have basic automations set but am really struggling with Weather based rules.

I am not interested in having a PWS and so would like to get illuminance and other basic weather conditions via the web.

I have spent hours installing various drivers and none seem to work or update. Underground needs a PWS, I have an API for APIXU but this doesn't seem to work.

Seems every route I go down ends in the API's not being available or the services not working in the U.K.

When installing either the Weathershack and APIXU drivers I am unable to pull any attributes though to the Dashboard. I seem only to be able to select HSM, Mode status or last updated which is confusing.

How can I be getting this so wrong??

Can anyone please help point me in the right direction or suggest a working driver / app that will enable me to run rules based on light and weather conditions here in the U.K.


I'm using Open weather that uses this driver.
You will need to go to the Open weather web site and get an API key.
When you have registered, install this driver and input you API.
You can then select which attributes you wish to use.
You can install the driver via HPM if you wish.

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Hi, thanks for responding so quickly.

I've just installed the driver code and created a new virtual device using it.
I've resisted on the website and input my API and selected some variables such as cloud coverage, illuminance and local sun rise/set.

Dropping back to the dashboard I have added a new tile selecting the device and using the attribute template. The attribute selection only lists HSM status, Mode Status and Last Updated which is the same results I have had previously.

Have I fallen into a trap here or am I not understanding the process correctly?


Are you seeing something like this in your device?

Current States

  • feelsLike : 5.5
  • humidity : 67
  • illuminance : 5
  • localSunrise : 07:02
  • localSunset : 17:23
  • pressure : 999
  • pressured : 999
  • temperature : 12.6
  • ultravioletIndex : 0

Sadly not

Try doing a poll.
When I do it it updates the values I posted above.

Doesn't seem to cure it either, the Current States area remains blank.

Baffled - shouldn't be this hard, should it? :slight_smile:

Open a separate window and go into live logging.
Turn on logging for the device and then hit the poll button.
What do you get?

I don't actually seem to get anything in the log

Forgive me for asking a stupid question but you did click on the save button when you turned logging on in the device.

:slight_smile: Deliberate mistake - Honest.

Did you copy in your API code ok?


Log now states.

Warning: too many attempts which is strange, I have created a new API and amended the parameters just to be sure but still have no States listed.

Another stupid question.
Did you select a plan?
I suppose you did or you wouldn't have a key.
Thought I'd ask though.
The only other thing I can think of is you try again tomorrow and see if the 'too many attempts' clears.

HI - I selected the $40 per month option and so wouldn't have thought my playing tonight would have exceeded the limits set.

Thanks for your help tonight though, lets see what tomorrow brings.

OK. Being the cheap git that I am I picked the freebie and have never exceeded the limit. Been working flawlessly with this driver for over a year now.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for tomorrow.

Thank you, thanks too am a cheep git but splashed the cash tonight out of desperation.

Would you mind just letting me know what your day time and night time poll rates are set to?

Thanks again for your time tonight, I appreciate the help.

Not sure if it will help, but a user of my driver @derek.breydin went through a bit of a nightmare to get the right information for the UK Met Office. He detailed it (with screenshots) in this thread.

Hope that might be helpful.


I appear to now have weather :grinning:

Thank you for your help last night @bobbles, I'm still at a loss as to explain why it wasn't working last night but seems to now poll without issue.

@snell thanks also fo your response. I followed this through last night but must have missed a step as WSM simply hangs at "Refreshing" in the log and is yet to pull any data.

Family day today and so my keyboard time will be limited / non-existent but hope to be back at it tonight.

Next stop - Dashboard, wish me luck.

Thanks again.

Glad you got it working.
I think I've left my settings to default.
If you need any more info, let me know.