Weather APIXU errors

I lost the lights from a group of outside lights and started looking at logs. My outside light routines did not work this morning. That may have zero to do with these errors. But it is all in a similar time frame. No other errors are in my logs and before this the polling for location was working properly. Now my logs are full of this same error everytime it polls. Your advice most welcome!

Also in my list of HUBs I have the same HUB twice. Could this cause issues? It was not like this until couple weeks ago.

dev:1612019-08-12 09:14:52.783 pm debug>>>>> apixu: Executing 'poll', location: 39110

dev:1612019-08-12 09:04:52.973 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.math.BigDecimal.round() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [1] Possible solutions: round(java.math.MathContext), find(), pow(int), find(groovy.lang.Closure), mod(java.lang.Number), power(java.lang.Integer) on line 304 (ahttpRequestHandler)

I recognize ">>>>> apixu: " from @bangali apixu-weather driver. Unfortunately bangali hasn't visited the forum since May 24. Looking at his code on github, line 304 isn't about 'round'

There's an alternate driver you may wish to consider:


It's my version of bangali's code, highly modified to reduce resource usage,.. or at least spread it out. If you're only using LUX, I extracted the calculation into it's own driver:


Thnk you I will try the code you suggest that is more lean.

I tried your code and got a different error but similar to the other error about java int.
I removed all the weather related devices and drivers. The HUB is much more responsive now. Ill revisit the weather function later after running a bit without just to get s feel for function without weather of anykind.