Weather Alert with RM?

I have the ApiXU Weather Device Driver installed and reporting temperature and forecast to my SharpTools Dashboard. Is it possible with RM to pull current conditions and apply that to a trigger? What I want to do is send a notification/sms to me if the current conditions are "Rain" and I have window contact sensors open. I'm still learning RM, but I don't see any capabilities to utilize the Weather device. Thoughts?

I use @bangali's WATO for that (He also created the ApiXU driver). WATO exposes any driver attributes that may not be shown in RM. You could create a virtual switch that is 'on' whenever the weather attribute is 'Rain' and off otherwise, then create a RM condition when the virtual switch is 'on' AND any contact sensor is 'open' then send a notification.

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The app: Weather Switch might be worth looking at for you.



Tried to import from the link for the Weather Switch code and it didn't work. Also get a 404 when I click the github link. works. Currently on is:

There's an extra "Weather%20Switch" in there.

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Thanks for letting me know.
Tagging @Royski and asking him nicely to fix it :slight_smile:

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Also had a question...


Trigger active? I thought it was either above/below or matching/nonmatching. What does Trigger Active mean?

If you set the threshold to > 10 and the reading is 11 then the threshold would be reached and the trigger is ‘active’ or ‘true’

If the reading < 10 the trigger would be inactive or false.

See what I mean?


Yeah...but why are there two options?
Oh...does the first one control above = on or below = on? The second then enables that action to take place? like being able to pause the app?

Let’s say I’m using temperature...

I set a threshold of 20 degrees.
I want the trigger to become active above my threshold (first switch)

If the weather device reports 21 degrees then the trigger becomes ‘active’
So in other words my rule is true.

Ok now have a choice.. do I turn the switch on or off
This is what the second switch is for.


Does the top one control whether the app is triggered for raising above or dropping below?
And the second says whether that trigger is to turn on or off?
So, if i wanted to turn a switch on if the forecast temp was above 20 degrees and off it was below 20 degrees, I would need two apps to do that?

I’m sorry, we are taking over your thread here.
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Fixed, thanks for letting me know. @Cobra and @Ryan780 :+1:


Never did hear from you and I'm still curious if I was correct in my last attempt to interpret what you were trying to say.

So basically, if I wanted a switch turned on when temp rose above the threshold, I'd have both switches on.
If I wanted a switch off, falling below the threshold, I'd put both switches off.
But if I wanted a switch to turn off when rising above the threshold, I'd have top on and bottom off.
And if I wanted a switch turned on when falling below the threshold I'd have the top off and the bottom on.

Is that right?

I'm sorry Ryan but the board won't let me send you a PM at the moment.
The switches sort of do the same thing really, dependent upon how they are set.

So.. take a look at this screenshot.

If the temperature goes ABOVE 20 degrees, the switch (a switch) will turn on
If the temperature is BELOW 20 degrees the switch will turn off



With the configuration above..

If the temperature goes ABOVE 20 degrees then the switch is turned OFF
If Below 20 degrees then the switch will turn ON.


This will turn the switch ON BELOW 20 and OFF ABOVE 20



This will turn the switch OFF BELOW 20 and ON ABOVE 20

Hope this explains everything and again my apologies to the OP for being off topic.


Okay, so having both on and having both off do the exact same thing. This is why I was so confused. Why have two options? You could get the same functionality with one.

Legacy.. they were added on separate occasions as a result of feature requests
You are right. I should remove the second one - I may get around to it when I get the chance :slight_smile:

It's not a problem it's just that's what had me so confused, that's all.

Is your weather Switch App still supported. I just want to activate a Virtual Rain Switch if it has rained in my area. I do Have a PWS

Yes the app is still supported.
You can switch on rainfall with this providing you have the relevant attribute from you device.


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Thanks.. The attribute is precip_today from the Ambient Weather and I'm not sure that will work with this..