WD-200+ shows as null

I’ve got a bunch of Homeseer HS-WD200+ switches, drivers work but in my life they show up as follows:

infoLevel for null is 84

[dev:391](http://myinternalip /logs#dev391)2020-05-20 09:48:30.789 pm[info](http://myinternalip /device/edit/391)Switch for null is on

While my older WD-200 units show the correct labels.

Any idea why?

Which driver are you using? They might have changed the firmware and the particular driver might need some tweaking.

[HS-WD200+ Dimmer] codahq-hubitat

Checked it on mine. Do you have a Device Label set for your device? The logging is doing:
logInfo "Switch for ${device.label} is ${value}"
logInfo "Level for ${device.label} is ${cmd.value}"

But I do not have any Device Label configured and so the true value for ${device.label} IS null (sounds like the same thing for yours).

So... working as intended, but not the prettiest.

Mentioned the wrong developer name in here. This was by @codahq, sorry, it was right there in the listing but I have been talking to Bryan so much lately on other ones that I just automatically typed his handle.

That could be it, I added one in and will let you know if it resolves the null issue.


The devices need labels. It's pretty much the standard for all apps and drivers to pull from the label. Some of them, as a courtesy, will pull from the name if there is no label (like the device page).

The name is meant to hold the model or description of what type of device it is. This is why the driver's "join" name goes in the name field. The label is specifically for the instance of the device or what the user wants to call it. Since Hubitat can't know what the user wants to call the device this is why the label is left blank. In my opinion it should be a required field at join but they would have to change the already fragile join process.

This is the a standard that is almost 100% adopted across ST and HE.

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