WC to RM: 2-part rule, Washing finished notification

TIA for any help/suggestions.

I will start by saying that I am a non-programer, and have a memory like a sieve. About an hour after I have done something I have forgotten how/why I did it - drives my wife nuts!!

I have 6 webCoRE pistons that work together to announce when the washer or dryer is finished, and then a looping message (random sayings) that continues until a contact sensor on the machine opens. I don't even know where to start with this in RM. Any ideas?

webCoRE Pistons

I think these first 2 were needed as Outlet 2 wasn't reporting wattage/initiating the rule - this fixed that issue. I am not sure if this would be needed with the different plug I will be using, and could possibly be ignored in the transition to RM?

The Washing has Finished (1 of 2) - TTS announcement to tell me to put the clothes in the Dryer.

The Washing has Finished (2 of 2) - Random TTS announcements every 2 minutes to annoy me into putting the clothes in the Dryer - assuming there isn't already a load in there.

The Dryer has Finished (1 of 2) - essentially a duplicate of the Washing has finished

The Dryer has Finished (2 of 2) - Random TTS announcements every 2 minutes to get me to take the clothes out of the Dryer.

So, assuming someone can help me figure this out, I would also like to know if there is a way to use a Random function in STT, like there is in WC/the piston above? If not, that is fine, I can just pick on phrase and stick with it as the annoying reminder.

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